What brands have truly great quality - worthy of the high prices

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  1. I have one Chanel and one LV and find them very well made, sturdy and beautiful. However I have been visiting many other of the brand threads like Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, and even LV and Chrisian Loubutin, and there are a lot of posters that are complaining that the quality of these high end products is going down, despite the rise in prices? If I am dropping 1K and above on a product, I expect the quality to be perfect! What high end products have you guys been disappointed in lately, or that you think arent maintaining the same high standards. Or arent worth the high prices being charged.
  2. I love Chloe. The leather is phenomenal.
  3. I love all my Jimmy Choo bags! It's funny. Everybody raves about the leather used for the Belen Echandia bags, but the one I bought I wasn't really impressed with. It is nice, but for over $600?...I will say the color is stunning, tho I guess this really isn't high end, more of a mid priced bag. (mid priced at $600!!!)
  4. I love my Chloe leather. I think it is ABOVE standard. Yet, my Chloe hardware CONTINUALLY falls off and no one is willing to help me - or when they are, I send my bag away for literally months and the same problem occurs.
  5. YSL. Love their bags. I feel like they are in a special class of their own.
  6. I don't think any bag is technically worth the prices these designers are asking for. I think many high end brands are of good quality (LV, Chanel, Hermes) but are they TRULY worth the price? Even though I'm guilty of buying some of their goods, the true answer is no.
  7. I :heart: my Bbags... I've never paid full retail for one, but I do think they are divine - and do not regret forking over the cash...
  8. I don't think any of the bags out there in the 1k's are really made to stand the prolonged wear and tear of the world. Thats just my opinion. I could be wrong. They may be expensive but even then you have to handle them with such care. It' not like a Coach leather bag that you can use and abuse and it will simply remain looking great. I purchased a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo gloves last year that I fell in love with. I had the gloves for 2 days and i tore one of the fur trims on the cuff. I went back to Ferragamos and they said " there is not much we can do for the fur trim on these gloves...its a luxury item... you just can't treat it like you would any ordinary glove" mind you..its the same leather and stitching quality that would go into their bags. I also was blithely aware of the fact that the glove was not just an ordinary glove. I knew that when I decided to pay the extrodinary price.

    Same thing with high end shoes...they tend to get beat up alot faster than my regular shoes.

    Luxury doesn't always equal great quality.

  9. well said Roe:yes:
  10. thank you minnie ;)

    It is true though. we all love bags...if we didn't we would't frequent TPF however it is what it is. when we spend money on bags its because we love the bag, love the name and feel uber fabulous owning one. However owning one of these luxe bags, we have to stuff em and bag em, and shelf them or hang them. I toss my Kooba bag around the car, on a chair, even go as far as putting it on the floor or on a bench. You won't see me doing that with my BV or my Ralph Lauren Ricki or other bag.
  11. Agree-->
    You also have to take into account the design innovation that goes into creating new styles of bags.
  12. I actually am pretty rough with my LV's. They seem so sturdy!
  13. LV has to be the exception of the higher end luxe houses that used a more sturdy leather and/or canvas. I've had friends though that have complained about the handles coming apart or the zippers failing.
  14. I think it's really insane that anything costing 10 times as much as the cheap version just falls apart. And quite frankly I'm sick of it - I don't want to baby my bags all the time. So I decided to keep my precious bags for the weekend and buy a Mulberry Bayswater to carry to college. I don't have it yet, but it is supposed to withstand a thorough beating and still survive.
  15. I have a Donna Karan bag. The retail was $850, but I got for about $600. Even if I had paid full price, I would have though it was worth it. The quality is impeccable. The calfskin is TDF! So smooshy and wonderful smelling! Also, the hardware is solid brass and substantial. I was also impressed with the small details on the bag and the plush suede lining. Definitely worth the money!