What brands do you like besides L.A.M.B.?

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  1. I was wondering what other brands we like besides L.A.M.B. :smile: So what are your favorites? It doesn't have to be just bags, it could be clothes, shoes, fragrances, watches, etc.
  2. Nothing else.... I am only addicted to L.A.M.B. that is all I think about :smile:
  3. tokidoki!
  4. Well, I'm most brand-specific on shoes, what is cute & of course, what actually fits.

    Shoes: Love Naughty Monkey, Betsey Johnson & Beverly Feldman. I also love a lot of the more chunky vintage styles like Kenzie, Bobbie Blu & Nanette Lepore. I do okay with Steve Madden's cause they fit my feet perfectly every time - they do tend to have a lot of designer look-alikes, though.

    I do love jackets out of Jones New York, classic & reasonable.

    And for some reason Levi's don't fit me, so it's Lees or Rocky's(When I can find them).

    Oh, and it has to be Poison or L'air du Temps for perfume. Some things haven't changed since high school.

    Anything else ... Oh, wines - Grew up on the West Coast, love Napa Valley or Columbia River Valley wines. I also only buy apple juice when it's in season & can get cider by the jug. Luckily I have always been in apple country, so I've gotten snobby about juice that really tastes just like an apple.
  5. Before L.A.M.B. I used to collect Gucci, MJ, and LV handbags...with one Chloe thrown in. Clothes wise, I wear something L.A.M.B. almost everyday, but I wear it with citizens, sevens, and TR jeans mostly. I really love James Perse for tees to layer with my LAMB hoodies! and C&C, but JP is the best. I like to wear MbMJ, see by chloe, D&G for dressing up (which I don't do often, I'm really casual almost all the time!)...and I love to mix it up with a little H&M!
  6. for bags, besides lamb, it's just whatever looks good.. i have juicy couture, mj, bcbg, botkier, ralph lauren.. i had some guess as well but i passed it down to my lil sister..

    same thing for shoes, whatever looks good and fit! most of them are bcbg and nine west.. i have some steven by steve madden flats (they're so comfy!), tory burch, guess pumps, dkny, via spiga, mj flats, and some other brand.. for sneakers, love puma, adidas, and classic converse.. i don't have lamb shoes (yet!)..

    jeans, i love true religion & william rast.. have some seven, taverniti, tag+, guess, citizens of humanity, and express..

    coat, must love zara!

    makeup.. mac & clinique

    fragrance -- gotta be Anna Sui secret wish.. i love it and bf does too! lol.. i have clinique, armani, bvlgari, gucci, and body sprays from VS and Bath and Body works..
  7. Hm... Other bag designers that I buy are Marc Jacobs, MbyMJ, ... i have multiples in those.. the rest of my bags are indie designers.

    Hm... Clothes... I love my Mavi jeans... they fit my butt. I'll also shop at Gap, Banana, Tar-ghey!, H&M, anthropologie.

    shoes.. i almost live in my adidas and pumas... but i do love heels and flats also... i like brands like Kensie, Seychelles, Michael Kors, BC footwear, Steve Madden...

    yea.. i dunno.. i'm pretty boring~
  8. I really don't have any fav's anymore. I used to be into LV but really only like Epi and Suhali stuff now. I keep going back and forth about whether to sell my Damier Speedy which never gets carried anymore. I've recently become a big fan of Rebecca Minkkoff too.

    Clothes-wise I like stuff that's fun. I wear a lot of Tokidoki tees & hoodies, Harajuku Lovers. Most of my other stuff is just plain-colored pieces because I like to wear simple stuff to work and then spice it up with my bags and jewelry.

    Shoes - I love sneakers, Jordans, Air Max's, Air Force 1's, Pumas, Adidas Goodyear's etc. Boots and sandles and stuff I just buy whatever I like.
  9. Thanks for posting everyone, it's fun to see the responses! Seems like a lot of people like Marc Jacobs. Will have to look at his stuff more often...
  10. Hmmmm........Gucci's, LV, Dooney, Fendi, and a Chanel that was a gift. The rest are independents - Shariff, Elliot Lucca, stuff like that. I mostly like shapes and bags that I don't see everywhere around me.

    I work at a very conservative firm, I have to wear suits every single day. So I like to put an exciting bag with the suits just to keep'em on their toes around here! The Rasta Montego almost killed a few of them it is so fierce! :smile:
  11. for bags..I like MJ, MbyMJ, Prada, Mui Mui, use to love LV (not anymore) and some mixed in BR bags and misc stuff
    clothes -Gap and BR jeans fit me the best until I recently discovered the flip flop jeans by Seven- love them..no alteration needed since i'm a shortie..tops,whatever fits nice but i just bought 2 hoodies from Twisted Heart --they are SO Cool ! Another new love
    Shoes -whatever looks nice and comfy, but I love my JC booties, love PRada Sport and Mui Mui
  12. ^ I love Prada Sport and Miu Miu too! I used to be obsessed with all three lines in high school so I have lots of clothes/shoes left over from the Prada/Miu Miu collections that came out about 4/5 years ago....I think I'm going to break some of them out again now that you mentioned those lines! :idea:
  13. Madison Marcus, Mackage, Alice & Olivia, Gustto, Mike & Chris + many many more:blush:
  14. I think my signature says it all lol:P:lol: But I am deeply in Love with L.A.M.B.
  15. definitely tokidoki! rebecca minkoff makes some really awesome handbags. I love sneakers so I collect adidas, converse, onitsuka tiger asics, puma...

    Oooh, I love Betsey Johnson bags and jewerly cause it's so over the top. The bags, well, sometimes or most times it's TOO much, but sometimes it's got just enough crazyness so I don't give random people seizures.
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