What brand sunglasses has best quality?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I just purchased a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses and I LOVE them! They are really well made and is reasonably priced ($180.00). The frames are nice and thick and there's some weight to the sunglasses so you know you're holding luxury in your hands.

    I also bought a pair of Burberry sunglasses that are more expensive, but the frames and lenses are super thin and plasticky cheap feeling. I'm sending them back tomorrow!

    Now I'm on the hunt for another pair of oversized square-shape/wayfarer style sunglasses, maybe in red this time. I know Chanel, Tom Ford, and Gucci are pretty popular but which designer brand makes high quality sunglasses that's worth the bucks? TIA!
  2. Nearly all the brands that you have mentioned are produced by Luxxottica and are of similar quality, so you can basically choose the style you prefer!

    As for the best quality, there are quite a few specialty optic brands that you could look into. For fashion brands, I think Loro Piana makes the best! (These sunnies will probably cost a bit more thouh ~1000+ $) To me buying a single pair of high quality sunnies is worth it, so even at 1000ish a pair, I believe that they are worth it.
  3. I'm personally a Ray-Ban girl.
  4. I like my Chanels the best. I've had Gucci and Burberry ones and I've definitely noticed a difference between the ones you buy in full priced stores versus somewhere like Nordstrom Rack.
  5. If you want Wayfarers, Raybans are classic!

    My fav sunnies are Roberto Cavalli. I have 3 pairs - brown, gold and tortoise ❤️
  6. Quality and durability can come down to design and how rough you are on your sunnies - aviators will always be more delicate as compared a solid/full acetate frame.

    Chanel is quite durable in my experience, as is Miu Miu and of course, Ray Ban.