What brand(s) did you abandon for Rebecca Minkoff?

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  1. It seems that when my love affair with RM began, my bag collection was drastically impacted, and changed in a very good way!

    I have "abandoned" the following brands

    Hayden Harnett (I'm talking like 12+ HH bags that I got rid of!)

    Botkier ( I only like the Bianca)


    Bulga (Kept my awesome triple zip satchel though)

    It's funny looking back now; I used to LOVE HH! Now, the HH bags have all been sold along with the Botkiers and the Gusttos, and my collection is now pretty much all Rebecca Minkoff and Marc Jacobs. The shift in my collection was incredible, and for the most part was unexpected. Honestly, I don't really anticipate another shift of this caliber at all! I think I have found my perfect handbags in the form of RM!

    So, please tell me: What brands have you abandoned for RM? Has your collection shifted like mine has? How do you feel about it?

  2. Well, from what I've seen GUNG, your RM collection is quite impressive - you could open your own showroom! My handbag collection is no where near as big, and it's still pretty diverse, including RM, Botkier, Begeren, HH, Tano, Jenny Yuen, etc. I haven't abandoned any brands, just made room for more and more! But I think I've come to the point where I'm pretty satisfied with what I have and right now the only bags that I'm in the market for are a couple of the new RMs and something from Jenny Yuen's new collection. That is, until more fabulous RMs and others come out!
  3. I haven't really abandoned any designers, per se. For me, I just keep adding to the list of designers that I like! After selling some bags that I rarely carried anymore (if ever), my collection is pretty sparse at the moment. I've never had the same bag in multiple colors or multiple sizes, and I try to keep it diverse (so that I don't get sick of anything and to stretch my bag dollars). Right now I'm really into Balenciaga and RM, of course, whereas I used to really be into LV and MJ.
  4. Botkier. I could still be swayed by an exceptionally pretty bag (and occasionally am), but I used to spend most of my handbag money on their bags. But the decrease in quality and customer attention was bad. Lo and behold, I find a new mid-end designer who is great at emphasizing both quality and excellent service....and here I am!
  5. although i haven't really abandoned any designers, i will say that my love for Anna Corrina, Gerard darel & Bulga has now dramatically faded!
  6. Sold some Koobas,all my Coach & a YSL to fund my growing RM habit. I still like Chloe and Kooba, but my purse money is going toward RM these days. I keep seeing bags of hers that I HAVE to get.
  7. Its hard to "abandon" something when you never had it in the first place.
    I've been saving up for a Balenciaga for a while now and then I decided to step into this subforum a few days ago and BAM! All I can think about now is RM :heart:.

    Its also much more affordable, I grabbed a MAM on sale for $288! Its on its way to me now and I am already eyeing the Matinee in expresso/green!
  8. Pretty much all of them! Before I bought my first RM, I was browsing around at several designers - HH, Kooba, & L.A.M.B. mostly. While I still find designs from these brands that I like, it's nothing like my obsession with RM. It's pretty much the only brand I search around for now.
  9. where did you find a MAM for $288?!!!!
  10. Seattle Clutch superbowl sale. Unfortunately they are sold out and the sale is over.
  11. I had stopped buying LV, Gucci, and Balenciaga since I started looking at RM bags. :p
  12. I had fallen in love with Chloe and bought several Chloe bags, but am now a RM convert.
  13. I admit, I kind of went with tPF "flow" from Hayden Harnett to Rebecca Minkoff. I also think I'm far more interested now in RM and non-mainstream designers than in LV, Gucci, etc.

  14. My sentiments exactly!:yes:
  15. Die hard LV addict here. No issues of abandonment yet, but RM caught my attention in a big way last fall and I'm loving her sense of style! Gungs collection is quite incredible also!