what brand name handbag is this?

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    i can't tell and where can i buy that?
  2. It looks like a Louis Vuitton.
  3. i searched for their online but i couldn't find it
  4. lol, i can believe you can not find that. it is easy to search, many stores online.
  5. what bag?
  6. this bag, i can't find it online.. do you think they still carry it in store?
  7. This popped up from google search

    LOUIS VUITTON Black Epi Leather Monceau Bag w Strap
  8. i know what it calls .. just can't find it on their lv website... did they discontinue it already?
  9. Oh, you're title is a bit misleading then because I thought you were asking what brand name it is, louis vuitton.

    If you can't find it on their website, either call 1800, or its discontinued. Chances are, its discontinued.
  10. I think you'll have to track this down from a reseller. Try Ann's Fabulous Finds, Malleries, Yoogi's Closet.
    Love the crisp lines of this bag! Good luck with your search!
  11. Yeah sorry. At first I wanted to know the brand but someone told me already so I'd like to know where to buy it
  12. Ok, now that I see a pic :biggrin:
    Please start a thread in our LV Shopping forum asking for help in locating one :tup:
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