What brand is this LOGO from???

  1. I have a purse or evening bag that I found and the ONLY thing on it is a logo. I can tell that it is very old by the strap and the way its made but the logo would help me find something else about it. I have looked and cannot tell what it even is. I tried GM, CM but had no luck. Please help me. LOL..

    Let me know if the photo doesnt show up. This is the 1st time I have added a photo to a posting. I tried the same photo 2 different ways.

  2. Does anyone have any hints then? So maybe I can look in another direction?? ANything would be nice. I'm stumped on it. Thanks

  3. hmm im sorry i really cant think of what it could be.
  4. It's like a Gucci symbol holding a comb. I have no idea! Sorry!
  5. Is it Italian? If so, it might be by Marianelli. In the 70's an 80''s they had a line called Creazioni Marianelli and CM was their logo. Marianelli is still in business. They are based in Florence and they make liscensed bags for Bluemarine, a fashion company.
  6. Cannot seem to find anything at all on that name for this logo either. Its really frustrating. The reason I want to know so bad is that this has a 14k gold chain strap on it and the closure is the ball and leather slit closure. Those are what the military used on their gun holsters back in the 40's. I dont think it is that old at all but do know it has to be vintage for sure. Anyway, I will keep trying. Thanks for the help.

  7. I have searched and searched for this going on nearly 2 weeks now. NOTHING>

    I have posted on so many sites and it turns up nothing. IT has to be something good.

    I have already confirmed that the chain is real gold so it cant be a cheapie. atleast I hope not.

    Anyway, In case there is someone out there that hasnt taken a look. please take a peak and see if you recognize it at all. Even if you could give me some name Ideas that start with what the logo looks like. anything.

    I have emailed several people on eBay about purses they have and nothing has turned up thusfar.


  8. I'm afraid I have no idea...

    Definitely looks '70s to me, though. :yes:
  9. Ohh, wow. No idea...sorry :confused1:
  10. Try visiting The Fashion Spot. There used to be a thread that had a link to a page with vintage designer labels.
  11. I saw some sunglasses in a store today with a similar logo - I think it's Ralph Lauren!
  12. Wait a sec, no it's not...
    That logo on the sunnies was a bit different and tilted.
  13. Hm... Maybe it's Elliot Lucca?

    But that would mean the logo needs to be flipped...
  14. Movado?