What brand is this leather baguette?

  1. Let me start by asking please excuse my ignorance.

    My friend gave this purse to me as a gift, claiming it's a designer bag that cost her a lot of money on her trip to Panama City. I didn't want to appear rude, ungrateful or stupid by asking her, but I haven't found a label inside, so I'm not sure what brand it is (if any).

    Not to mention, if I did want to sell it, I wouldn't be able to without knowing, and so far no one has been able to tell me anything about it.

    So, I'm posting a picture here with hopes someone recognizes it and can shed some light.

    It looks like it's made really well as far as the stitching, and has a western, rustic style, in dark brown leather with gold brass "scroll work" magnet closure with matching grommets and hardware for strap, sewn in accents (oblong on each side of the bottom front and rectangular on side near strap), and all trim with contrasting light gold stitching.

    The magnet closure features the stamp: OKPTA1519426 OK0973628. There is a front flap compartment, a back flap compartment, and the interior features a large compartment with a zippered change/wallet pocket toward back and 2 sewn in flap pockets for cell phone etc toward front. The bottom is firm standing. White labels inside read "Piel De Vaca Con Adorno Vinilo Hecho En China" and "Geniune Leather with vinyl trim".

    Any ideas?
  2. Hi, welcome to tPF!
    This forum is for authenticity questions only. . . let me move this to the proper forum :yes:
  3. Thanks, if you think moving the thread will help me find someone that might be able to help. Like I said, I'm new here, so sorry if I posted in the wrong area originally. I will get the hang of it.

    So does anyone know what brand?

    Do I need to post more pictures?
  4. I'm guessing no one knows or it's a fake, so I got rid of it at Crossroads Trading over the weekend. It's funny because out of everything i brought over there, it was the only things they took.

    Who knows...maybe it actually will end up being worth something and someone else will be lucky enough to snatch it up cheap. Oh, the irony in that.