What brand is this Jessica Simpson Bag?

  1. jessica_simpson.jpg
  2. I'm not sure, you might want to post it in the Handbags and Purses section...someone there can usually figure this kind of stuff out! :smile:
  3. Cute bag. But I am sorry I can't help you
  4. I dont know but i think its fabulous!!!
  5. It is a Blur mail bag x
  6. where the hex can i get one!
  7. Get one at Blue Bee online
  8. Thanks! I checked out the web site and the bag had a slightly different name and was different....is there another site with the bag that you mentioned?
  9. Yes I love that bag!! I hope someone knows who makes it.
  10. she looks cute there.
  11. Wow I really like that bag! It's cute!
  12. I was totally loving that bag too. I'm glad you posted this ??? because I want to know also.
    And, you can tell she may be in some kinda funk because she has been photo'd with this bag for a few days now, un-common for the Bag Highness... check out x17 online for more pics....BTW, I think she looks so much better without all the makeup. She is beautiful naturally.
  13. I like the scarf on the woman to her left. :smile:
  14. I love my Blur handbags. I have totally abandoned my other bags for my two Blur bags....esp my Borsa Box!:tup:
  15. Pictures of your Blur would be great esp. holding it for scale. I think I remember you saying you were afraid to load it up because it would be too heavy for the straps...is this the case or were you worrying needlessly?:confused1: