What brand is this blazer?

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  1. hey all!! this blazer is on a model from gilt.com and i dont know if this is allowed here since you have to be a member to check it out but here is the link it might work, mods im sorry if this isnt allowed. the blazer is not for sale the jeans are, i have been searching the internet for about half an hour and cant find it :s i dont know if it is rock & republic also or isnt? if anyone knows please let me know if i can get it somewhere.

    (its the first model shes wearing the kassandra crystal boot jean)

    thanks alot!
  2. ooh i like that.
    no idea what brand it is. it would make sense if it was r&r..
  3. if its a rock and republic model, im gonna take a safe guess with rock and republic
  4. gorgeous!!
  5. Gilt often mixes different designers so I doubt it is R&R. Maybe email them to find out?
  6. Email them. I'm sure they'd tell you. Then you tell us. lol.
  7. lol im about to go and do that :smile: im in love with it
  8. Did you ever find out?

  9. bump! did you get an e-mail back, OP?
  10. bump again. did anyone find out?