What Brand Is Not Living Up to Its Hype?


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Dec 1, 2005
'Fess up, we all know of at least one brand of designer handbags that is not living up to its hype.

I'll go first...Fendi. I purchased my first Fendi bag a few years ago. It was a Zucc...something. Anyway, I got the bag and the leather was so dried up I was tempted to force feed it some Chapstick. I was so disappointed with the quality of their leather that it is my first and last Fendi I will ever purchase. Besides, Fendi's designs have gone from bad to worst in recent years. :sad2:
totally agree with you there. don't like fendi's designed, and the spy bag is the best thing they have to offer, and i don't even like it that much, it's huge and can look pretty hideous sometimes.

i think prada is also going down the toilet with their ugly designs lately.

and who is kooba? i never heard of them before sienne miller started wearing their bags, and then they designed one after her. i went to their website and couldn't find anything on them at all. who their designer is, their history, etc.

and where are their bags even made? i hope it's not china.
drewcious said:
I don't think Prada has ever looked good. Nylon bags? Are you kidding me?

I got this vintage limited addition distressed leather aviator prada in may, what do you think?


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Well, I've always hated Dooney&Bourke (especially that Bolero bag - I've vomited more attractive things!:sick: )- but they shouldn't count, in my opinion. I'm definitely not a fan of the new LV 'Lodge' bags or those god-awful Multicolore Speedies with all the fringe. And, yes, Prada's nylon is ridiculous.
I like Dooney. Not the flamboyant stuff but when they stick to what they know-ALL WEATHER LEATHER. Their biggest problem is they discontinue the good stuff. Like my Cabriolet Bucket Bag. It's great! I think the Motorcycle bag was WAYYYYYY over hyped! Especially since Versace had the whole "Biker Bag" phase before them....
Yay! Finally other gals who agree with my thoughts on Prada...they have been tanking like crazy over the course of 3 years-god awful designs, especially the non-nylon bags, I must say that even their clothing line is a train wreck, shoes-YUCK pretty much sums it up.

I really wish Tom Ford was still at Gucci, I really detest the new chic who is a little too flamboyantly into flowers and the ugly velvet hobo things, hahaha, one ridiculous SA tried so hard to sell me a FUGLY retro 1970's looking velvet hobo bag (anyone seen it to know what I mean?) umm, NO!:huh:
Ya, what is up with Prada these days anyway? Their bags are getting worst and worst each year. I like some of the Etro bags but ya their bags are kind of "out there." lol