What brand for wide feet?


Sep 14, 2016
Lala-land ^^;
Hi ladies,

While getting fitted a little while back I discovered I was a C width. All these years I never knew! What brands make C width shoes? I know Ferragamo does, but not for all models. Going up a size doesn't solve the problem (already tried that) so I really want the correct width.

Thanks for your help!


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
For wide feet, it is always a good idea to buy shoes with a suede toebox. Suede is more flexible than leather, and would expand and adapt to the shape of the foot faster. As a girl with wide feet myself, I can recommend a brand called roccamore - I tried their stilettos and was very surprised by how well they fit. They were super comfy and made walking in heels feel very natural.
Yeah, definitely go for suede over leather, if possible.

Especially if buying less expensive shoes and/or shoes that are more restrictive (pumps, anything with a pointed toe etc.)

An added bonus is that suede, generally, looks far better (more subtle and elegant) than leather, in my opinion.

Especially for dressier shoes, like pumps.

Downside is that it gets dirtier quicker and is more difficult to clean, but there you go.