What Brand Food Do You Feed Your Pet?

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  1. I use to feed my cat Hill's Science Diet or Iams dried cat food, and never realized how bad the ingredients were, until I compared them to a bag of Innova that I bought. The Iams and Hills are mostly meal by products, and the Innova actually has real meat and vegetables like chicken, beets, carrots, etc. The pet store that I go to has other cat food brands like Solid Gold, Wellness, By Nature, Eagle Pak, and I am wondering how these brands compare to Innova . I really want to feed my cat the best food possible and was wondering what you consider to be the best food on the market., and what you feed your pet.
  2. I use mostly Better Grains, Fromm and Orijen, but mine didn't like the dry "Taste of the Wild" and weren't thrilled about the Solid Gold either.
  3. My dad swears by Eagle Pak. WE use Innova because our feed store doesn't carry Eagle Pak.
  4. Due to varying needs, I feed a few different formulas of canine Purina ONE:
    Large Breed
    Sensitive Systems
    Mature/Senior (whatever they are calling it now)

    The cat I feed Science Diet Indoor Cat formula
  5. Wellness
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    I've read that Science Diet is not really that good...
    but like you, I did buy a bag but have long since gave that remaining 3/4-1/2 bag to my local shelter (I was recommended Science Diet by her ex-owner / person who sold me Pepper).

    My Pepper is on mostly wet food (TOTW, MeowMix, Fancy Feast Medley, with occasional whiskers & friskies) with about 1/4 cup dry food (mix of Royal Canin {I love their food btw; Pepper's coat is glorious after this food} and Iams Healthy Natural Chicken}.
    This is how she gets her "main" kitty nutrients.

    I do feed her home cooked fillers for dinner sometimes... like boiled chicken breasts (she loves), roast beef pieces (no onions or dangerous stuffs etc., just beef roast first... add sauteed onions & veggies in after she gets her cut), pan stir-fried ground beef, scrambled egg... etc.
    She gets served her portion first to ensure no "bad" human seasonings / additives.

    For her raw "natural" diet (to clean her teeth & extra taurine) she gets feeder mice once a week. And when the winter season starts, she is going to get some fresh venison when DH hunts.

    I believe in variety of small-mealed protein heavy diet for Pepper.
    I also observed the different digestion times between dry foods and wet / raw feedings (12 hr vs 4 hrs) so as not to upset her stomache; raw / wet first (at breakfast, which she usually finishes)... then she picks (most do get thrown out at the end of the day) at dry that is served at noon.
    I believe cats are natural carnivores, so I am leaning more towards the wet & raw feed.

    P.S. Pepper have great teeth without bad kitty breathe and her coat is glorious & as soft as a bunny's (I am serious, hers rivals the softness of an angora).
  7. Lolitakali - Pepper is a beautiful girl!
    My Riley has been a real puzzle when it comes to food. He has been given just about everything out there, he loved all of it, but practically nothing has loved him back. (Actually, he didn't love Natural Balance dry food, I think he thought it was a pile of rocks) After carting home and trying everything I could get my hands on, he's now in a Science Diet rut. I don't even want to feed him Science Diet because I'd rather give him something without the grains, but this seem to be the thing that he digests the best. Other foods have given him all manner of bowel issues, so after about 7 months of experimenting we seem to be stuck with SD.
  8. solid gold
  9. Pepper is soooo cute!
  10. my Maltese use to be on Orijen and Acana (both grain free).........i rotated between the two. I also gave them Stella and Chewy freeze dried lamb as treats ( i break the patties into tiny pieces). For my Chihuahua I fed her Ziwipweak but i think it is too rich for her tummy..

    Now i am thinking about going on the Dr. Harvey Veg to bowl system, where I cook the protein...i read wonderful reviews about it so i am going to give it a try..someone mentioned that feeding dogs "dog food" is like eating microwavable meals or canned food all our lives.i found that compelling so i am going to try to cook for my dogs and give it a shot
  11. Your cat is beautiful! I think that a raw diet is probably the best for cats also. My problem is that I work 12+ hours a day and need a food that is more convenient.
  12. I have never heard of the brands Fromm and Orijen, but will look for these. My Petco is so limited and mostly carries Hill's and Iams.
  13. ^Yeah, I had to go to a special pet store to find them (and did some research about the brands online so that I would know what was rated best in ingredients based on the posts on these forums) but it's well worth it.
  14. We have one doxie who was overweight and we put her on Wellness Core Reduced Fat which is completely Grain-Free. She has since lost a good bit of weight, doesn't groan when she moves and actually has a waist now!

    Our littler doxie gets Wellness Super 5 Mix for Small Breeds and she loves it! The food is the perfect size for tiny mouths. :yes: