What Brand Did You First Start With?

  1. My first handbags when I was in my pre-teens were Liz Claiborne. I stayed a Liz fan for years, then moved on to The Sac, Preston & York, and Perlina. I just got my first Coach about a year and a half ago and since then I have bought 17!!! I get most of them at the BX where they are marked at least 20% off plus no tax, at the outlet, or as gifts, and got 1 on eBay, so I have gotten really good deals on them. I think after this PCE I am done for awhile (I bet you girls hear that a lot:angel:).
  2. My first designer bag was a Luella Giselle which I still have and Love, then I got a Michael kors Astor which I still have and love as well. Now Im more into Coach and LV:smile:
  3. in high school and college i never really cared much about bags. i would carry mostly whatever was cute at limited or random boutiques.... a good friend worked at coach after college and always tried to get me to buy things with her discount...was never interested.

    about a year later my DH bought me my first coach bag, then shortly after got a marc jacobs. coach is always been my true love, until my recent balenciaga obsession. you can just get so many more coachs for the price!!
  4. Never really had a designer bag until a year ago when I finally decided that I had found something cute enough to spend $$ on and it was a Coach. One year later and I have 6 Coach bags, 2 Coach wallets and 1 Coach Wristlet. What can I say? I am addicted. I save and buy a bag (it has even become more important that my shoe addiction and I love shoes). I am soon to have another bag, just deciding which one.:yahoo:
  5. My 1st designer purse was a COACH. I think that's why I love it so much.
  6. Esprit :roflmfao:

    Then went on to Liz Claiborne, Nine West, then to Coach. And just recently went to Louis Vuitton :wtf:
  7. My first designer bag was a Burberrry.

  8. Was the concert good? I love those guys. Hope to see them someday. Hopefully they will do another tour after their new cd comes out.
  9. my first designer bag was a Dooney.
  10. Coach. I've been loyal forever.
  11. My first designer bag was a Coach almost 2 years ago!

    I am still smitten with the brand!:love:
  12. I always had cheap (under $30) bags until I got my first Dooney in Vegas after I won a few hundred on slots and decided to spend my cash on something nice. I bought 5 Dooneys and about a year later got my first Coach on eBay and I've been hooked ever since.
  13. My first designer bag was Gucci with a Liz Claiborne wallet inside. Then I brought another Gucci, then a Fendi. Then I brought a Coach and it was all over. My first Coach was the small Navy drawstring bag. I brought it from the Coach store in NYC(don't remember which one) and my shopping bag was brown with black leather handles.
  14. I used to buy nine west purses at TJ maxx and ross and then one day, I bought a coach for myself and that was it!! :p that was over 3 years ago.
  15. My first was a Ralph Lauren...if you want to call that a designer bag..LOL