What brand did you abandon for Balenciaga?

  1. For me, it's been LV...Although I still have my batignolles horizontal and damier speedy, they have not been getting ANY face time lately :angel: On particularly crazy days, I think about selling them to get more!more!more! balenciaga! :wtf: All I can think about are smooshy bbags!! :heart:
  2. LV, also. I've kept a sparse few but I'm just tired of seeing LV every time I turn a corner. I hardly ever see B bags where I live.
  3. I would have to say my Fendi's too much monogram overload.
  4. While my B-bags are my current favorites, I don't think I'll abandon any of the other brands I love. I want them all--Chanel, MJ, Bottega, Fendi and of course, Balenciaga. Too bad my bank account can't keep up with my desires!
  5. i was a gucci girl through and through
  6. I actually abandoned Balenciaga for LV and Chloe:graucho:
  7. Yup, I noticed that a lot of ppl here are drawn to bbags since they are not monogram crazy, see-it-on-everyone-and-their-mamas bags. I also :heart: that bbags are more subtle, but still of such high quality and sooo luxurious :girlsigh:

    Hhehehe..I'm beginning to see why Esiders says bbags are the new crack!! :lol: We have all fallen under the spell and we must...get...more...bbags...now!!! :nuts:
  8. thats easy. Chloe. I sold all of my 25+ Chloe bags and then went onto Bbags. Still have one Chloe left that just doesnt want to leave me (listed 3 times and not a bite). I was with LV prior to Chloe. Left LV when it hit me that I was carrying a plastic coasted canvas bag! WHY did I want to spend thousands for coated canvas? no thank you. I am pretty happy with my Bbags. I see a looong and happy relationship with no cheating in my future.
  9. Before I found Balenciaga - I thought I'd start buying LV bags - BUT once I found this Forum everything changed - B-Bags for life! :nuts:
    I've only got ONE LV bag and I don't think I'll be adding anymore LV to join it anytime soon... MORE Balenciagas please! :wlae:
  10. For me - LV as well. Especially turned off by their frequent price increases and what I perceive to be a lack of workmanship in some of their newer bags (read cheap!)

  11. AMEN!!! What's up with their 3 price increases in one year?!?!? :wtf: That really irks me...:hysteric:
  12. I haven't abadoned any brand yet except for Coach. :smile: In the past year I have bought bags from several different designers.
  13. I've started to abandon LV but I still really love their items especially the small accessories and the limited editions. I'm starting to phase out my monogram items in favor of damier and epi though. I've also given up on starting to collect Chanel. I've gotten 3 Chanel bags, sold 2 of them and I'm probably selling the one left as well.
  14. i didnt abandon any brand. Never really into bags that much. I have two mj's and a dozen or so coach bags. Not a big fan of monograms. Still like coach legacy, but saving all my $$$ for another bbag!
  15. I would have to say Louis Vuitton, as I sold most of them ...
    although I kept one, my Black Multicolor Alma

    and I still use my Fendi and my Prada Backpack also ...

    but my poor Marc Jacobs and my Prada shoulder bag are feeling very deserted :P