What brand are these jeans?!

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  1. Okay this is driving me crazy!!! I am usually on top of things and can identify what designer makes what jeans... But I have seen many people wearing these jeans and I don't know what they are. They could be something off the Wal Mart rack for all I know, but I don't know(and it's driving me crazy!!). lol

    I don't have a pic but i will try to describe them... They are dark, with white or orange bold stitching. The back pocket design looks similar to True Religion, but the "horseshoe" is almost closed all the way in. They have minor distressing spots on the front of the jeans and all the pairs I have seen are very dark with light fading. Can someone please help me! I willtry to find pics if I can!!
  2. Okay, here's a pic!

    Look familiar to anyone? Or are they just some average jeans?

  3. Mek, perhaps????
  4. Hmm.. No, that's not it. Though this picture does look like it could be. They have more of an upside down loop design on the pockets. I know the pic is bad, sorry.
  5. I believe those are Big Star. They are very popular where I live. People buy them at a store called Buckle. See online buckle.com
  6. That's what they are! Now I can finally sleep at night!!! lol Thanks Beca!