What bra sizes really mean! *joke*

  1. Ok, I wasn't sure where to post this but since this forum talks about BA and other boob related topics I thought this would be a good one. I saw this in a card store today:

    {A}: Almost Boobs
    {B}: Barely There
    {C}: Can't Complain
    {D}: Damn!
    {DD}: Double Damn!
    {E}: Enormous!
    {F}: Fake!
  2. Damn! lol
  3. :lol:
  4. As a chick with "Almost There's" who had "Can't Complain"s while I was nursing my son - I gotta tell ya - I love my itty bitty titties.

    Double Damn's? You can have 'em!!
  5. I'm in between Can't Complain and Damn myself.
  6. well, double damn me!
  7. Lol!!!
  8. DAMN!! LOL I wish I can go back to Can't Complain soon. These sprouted with my weight gain.
  9. Lol!!!
  10. Damn!!! ;)
  11. :p barely there and proud!! although, i wish i couldn't complain! lol
  12. Almost Boobs, and considering becoming a Can't Complain :nuts:
  13. I guess I can't complain.
  14. Can't complaint ..LOL
  15. can't complain baby!!