What box type did your jumbo come in?

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  1. I just got a wonderful gift of a jumbo caviar bag. It came in a white box with black lid, but no outer, soft black stickered box or fabric camellia in the wrapping? Is this normal? BTW, it was purchased from a boutique by my DH, who is a bit clueless as to everything he should ask for:smile:
  2. Not all boutiques use the camellia in the wrapping.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by "soft black stickered box", though.

    And congrats on your new bag what a sweet husband you have!
  4. Thanks, he is very sweet, though it's only been about 6 months of "reminding" as well:smile: I was thinking of the lighter weight, thin-walled black boxes with a black-white picture of the bag style on it that you get sometimes from dept. stores. I did a search of this forum before posting and it seems the boutiques usually always give this type of black box??
  5. Don't worry about the box not having the stickers, unless you are a perfectionist. If you purchase your item in Paris, your box will never have a sticker, although you might get your camellias! :lol:
  6. Thanks! So, should I have gotten 2 boxes, the hard gift box and the lighterweight black box, or just one? My DH thinks I am being too picky, but knowing how much he spent, I want it all:smile: (except, I guess, the camellias)!
  7. My new Red lambskin from UK comes with White box and no picture on the side as the same as your..^^ don't worry :smile: btw, congrats for your new baby ^^ and what a sweet DH your have!!! :smile:
  8. You get one box. I am not aware that because it's a gift, you get two boxes!
  9. Thanks "love cc". I guess some bags come with the hard, white box and others with the thinner black one. I will just enjoy my lovely red jumbo now:smile: I still can't believe he actually "heard" what I was talking his ear off about...usually it seems like in one ear and out the other!
  10. Mine came in a stiff two piece box. The bottom is white and it has a black top that fits entirely over it, with Chanel in big white letters printed across the top. The caviar bag I bought from Saks in NYC and gave a friend last year had the same box.
  11. Chanel usually puts the larger or more oddly-shaped bags in the thinner black cardboard boxes. The other bags are put in the boxes with the harder black cover (and the white base).
  12. Thanks ladies! Since I plan on getting more Chanel goodies in the future (is that my DH laughing in the background???), I wanted to get my facts straight!
  13. mine came just like yours, no stickers, i bought it fron selfridges london hth!
  14. Mine came like this:


    Its original box.

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  15. I've had mine come in either the black or white boxes, with or without camelias, always with the ribbon. I personally like the white boxes better-they are more sturdy.