What boutiques ship in the U.S.?

  1. Ok...I know...we have mentioned this here and there in posts. I would like to know what Hermes boutiques ship accessories and other goods?

    Also, what boutiques ship bags?

    (I would like to keep this info. stored in my brain for future reference)
  2. I've been told that a lot of the boutiques are willing to ship bags as long as they're not Birkins or Kellys and as long as you have AMEX. As for Birkins and Kellys themselves, I THINK Hermes at King of Prussia, PA ships bags ... but I think other ladies on this forum can confirm that better.
  3. Some boutiques are very strict about NOT shipping Birkins and Kellys. But some stores ship Kellys NOT Birkins. Most of Hermes boutiques (close to all of them) don't ship Birkins:crybaby: !!! Even if a nice SA let you know they have a Birkin available (which RARELY happens), most likely you have to go into the boutique to pick it up:hysteric: ! I really don't like their policy, but I understand why they do that.
  4. I really wished they would ship! At least NM does- now, if they only had more stock!
  5. San Francisco boutique ships almost everything except Birkins and I'm not sure about Kelly's but I'll find out next week when Jose gets back.
  6. :crybaby: yes i had to give up two bags already due to that fact (one of them beeing a shoulder and one croc). i just can´t bring myself to justify to hop on the plane for 13 hour minimum just for a bag :crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. Chicago is shipping my birkin, but I was there in person first. HTH.
  8. I already told you Palm Beach won't ship bags. The SA told me that it is somewhat foolish to let them go to customers out of their area. They want to service their clients etc. I understand that, but I have a very hard time getting a bag out of there. It is almost like the boutique is so small and the bags are called for.

    Ok...you know I was hoping if a Kelly or something I wanted was at a store near anyone and they spotted it... I could call ASAP and purchase. I know birkin is out of question, but maybe another bag may have my name on it.

    For some reason I have a good vibe about shopmom's store. Call me crazy, but I am feeling it.

  9. Does anyone know anything about the Cleveland store? I never read anything on here.
  10. Kellybag - You are funny! I feel the same way about acquiring a Birkin. It has come to the point that my husband makes the rounds for me, ( live in so cal (incl. vegas)), and has said he would fly to pick the bag up. I go to my local Hermes store and I feel like I'm begging when I speak to my SA. ........ 'please let me get a Birkin'
  11. I've ordered accessories from South Coast Plaza, NYC, and Bal Harbor by phone with a Visa.
  12. gmel...welcome...notice you are somewhat new!

    Thank goodness someone feels my pain. We sort of are beggars aren't we? Well, we are made to feel that way.

    One of these days...
  13. What's weird is that you feel you have to "beg" while other people seem to just be able to place special orders without ever having shopped in the stores.

    Chicago will ship bolides, but not birkins. They want to keep all their birkins local because they don't get very many.
  14. I know that if you've purchased from a particular boutique before, even if you live out of state, they will ship.
  15. Beverly Hills is my local store, and I'm in there a lot...just browsing, trying to see if any Birkins are on display. I feel dumb going in there sometimes, so at times I'll just peek through the glass entrance doors.