What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

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  1. Thanks!
  2. Nero Campana at the equestrian

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  3. You are looking so elegant!!!! I love the black against the dark hunter green dress... gorgeous!
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  4. Thanks :smile:
  5. so elegant and tasteful!! :tup:
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  6. Nero Nodini
  7. WOC for church. IMG_0511.JPG
  8. IMG_4822.JPG
    Moss is out for church and my short travel. Had a khaki green shirt today and she perfectly matched my shirt...
  9. That’s pretty!!! I’ve wanted to add a nice green to my BV group, and I’ve had this strange obsession with the Billiard Cervo Hobo (that purple interior!!!). This may also go on the list of possible greens!
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  10. You always look really youthful and cute!
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  11. Looking slim
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  12. Walked out to the middle of the lake this afternoon with my F/W 2011 Stone Karung Tote.
  13. Excellent Whistler wear.
  14. Fabulous!!!
  15. Looking cute and fabulous at the same time!