What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

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  1. Sunglasses; a lanyard & a card case.
  2. This is a nice earthy color! Never seen it before...
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  3. Very appropriate - metallic looks very nice against the red paper bag!


    I love how you style the color combination - the yellow makes Monalisa pops!
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  4. Thank you Phi! I'm learning from @ksuromax the colorblock genius!

    So often been told that I have too yellow a skintone to wear yellow but I think it's becos I had not found the right yellow. Mustard yellow does not work for me, no matter how much I find it interesting. Vibrant yellow works much better.
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  5. Large Veneta

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  6. My Valentine bag!
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  8. Thought I could never love again. I miss my Campana. But then I found my large loop. Was afraid of the large chain so I stayed away but this metallic bronze...I pack her everyday. Do wish they would revive the large Campana. DA225D37-D54F-4E7C-B08C-BDDD728D6FCF.jpeg
  9. What’s more appropriate for a dental appointment than a Nero Nodini?
    (and a wrinkled sweater to add some wrinkled polish :lol::lol::lol:)
  10. look at this sheen!!! :loveeyes:
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  11. So beautiful, and looks so soft!
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  12. Happy Valintine's!! such a perfect bag for the occasion! :heart:
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  13. New steel small loop for casual Friday

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  14. Thanks! Yes, they are indeed comfy! I’m glad I didn’t sized up as they get loose after a few wears
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  15. You have a very beautiful collection of bags. Love seeing them on you.
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