What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

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  1. Billetto for errands and grocery. IMG_0475.JPG
  2. Quetsche nodini
  3. E5BB0A7D-35D4-443E-8736-1CC96B71B960.jpeg Lunar new year lunch - metallic Nodini with mandarin oranges inside the paper bag
  4. Still Monalisa Campana. IMG_20190209_230304.jpg
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    Emerald (looks like Bottle in the photo) floppy medium Cabat, green Seau sangle and a scarf by a local designer that I never really use, but carry a lot just in case I ever need one. In this case, I felt it would look cute on the photo given that I brought the C on this escapade to my little piece of heaven in the middle of nowhere only to carry wine bottles (which are all gone now).
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  6. Nero Cabat with Nero Peggy flats
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  7. Cervo Loop in Brique. I purchased on impulse thinking it might be Barolo since some Barolos I’ve seen on here do have that brick tone to it... BV confirmed it is actually Brique. I do love the style, and the color is pretty, even though I really wanted a wine colored purse.
  8. Ciambrino softening nicely
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  9. It really looks awesome on you. I like the somewhat longer looking strap drop, as compared to regular Iron.
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  10. +1!
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  11. Is brique a new color........what size is yours?
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    BV said it’s from FW 2013. I think it’s the Large
  13. how do you find it? does it fit your colour palette?
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  14. I wear a lot of neutrals so it works for me... I was just hoping for a more wine-colored bag. I’m still debating if I love love love it.
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  15. hope you will take the best decision :tup:
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