What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

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  1. Beautiful bag with just as beautiful scarf!
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  2. Monalisa medium campana, it has been a while since I last carried it. IMG_20190206_143703.jpg
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  3. right back at you, my dear!!
    perfect Spring look! :tup:
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  4. But it’s so pretty!
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  5. The campana is one of my favourite bv styles. And in mona lisa it is even more gorgeous! Love the outfit!
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  6. Thank you my dear O!

    Yes! When I used it ytd, I am reminded of all the reasons why I purchased it. It is so soft and squishy now. A delight to use.

    Thank you! It was the second style I purchased after trying out the medium Veneta. A special bag to me as it was the first BV bag I purchased from the boutique in Singapore.
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  7. +1
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  8. Back to office today after the lunar new year break. D2D90789-CD80-42D1-ACBE-3CDCF535B700.jpeg With off-white medium loop. First outing with this and I must say the size belies its actual capacity. It can hold quite a bit. I think it is a more formal version of the medium Veneta though I still love all my medium Venetas
  9. I love the hardware!
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  10. Stunning!
  11. Love this color. So classic looking.
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  12. such a lovely shot, gives a different perspective of the bag, i really like it!! :tup:
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  13. the very first one, Elephant hobo

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  14. I really like your scarves
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  15. thank you! :flowers: