What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

  1. I am still using the Ferro Sloane!

    LLANeedle - You must do a reveal thread about your new Campana. I love the Tea color!
  2. Noce sloane
  3. Ebano Roma!
  4. Nero Montaigne during the day, then Noce Montaigne this evening!
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    Colonial zip tote...

    my apologies on the name of the bag I am carrying today....it should be "COLONIAL INTRECCIATO NAPPA BAG 196349/V00A2". It is a pale yellow zip tote and really roomy.
  6. Baltic Veneta.
  7. My Ferro Sloan :heart: it may not be going anywhere but I officially got it today for my 31ST Anniversary :yahoo: I can gaze at it though and I am. It won't hit the road till we celebrate Sat. due to medical tests that have us postponing our celebration. Bad planning on my part :push: Can't wait!! :p
  8. Congratulations on your anniversary, Bichon Lover!!:drinkup: What a great gift indeed!
  9. I am using my new-to-me medium veneta in ebano...lovin it!
  10. BL, Happy Anniversary!
  11. BL Happy Anniversary and good luck on the test! Let me know how it goes.
  12. I'm wearing my carminio new ball bag. The skies were clear blue when I left this morning, but I was horrified to discover halfway to work that the forecast calls for rain all day. It is now mid-morning and thoroughly gloomy, and I have meetings that will take me out of the office this afternoon. Ack, my poor BV!!:cry:
  13. Happy Anniversary BichonLover!:drinkup:

    KathyK, oh no, can you cover her with your overcoat? or even a clear plactic bag, anything, don't let that beauty get wet!
  14. what I was carrying

  15. Happy Anniversary BL!

    Today I carried the python duette.