What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

  1. What did you get???????:popcorn:
  2. Don't keep us in suspense!!! Reveal with pics, please!
  3. Geez, are there no secrets! You even nailed the time! I'll post a pic later today.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:^^^^

    TPF is a small town!!
  5. :lol: can't wait for the pics, LLANeedle!!
  6. I actually started out by requesting a SO large campana in noce but Nicole (AC) just knew I'd like tea....psychic that she is. So she sends one on consignment and you know how that goes.......

    I do like the color....it's a very versatile neutral. The large is perfect. It holds a ton and though I don't carry too much I do like the extra space to throw in a knitting project. The straps, when crossed, stay on my shoulder just fine like so many of you said they would.
    1665.jpg HPIM0440.JPG 1669.jpg 1671.jpg
  7. Ahhhhh, absolutely bee-u-tee-mus!! :drool: Glad you love it :yes: Enjoy! :heart: :sneaky:
  8. Gorgeous! I think it needs its own thread!!
  9. Gorgeous Campana!! I love the tea and it is a nice comfy bag to carry. Congrats on a beautiful purchase.
  10. That is a great bag! You are always so good at detailing your assessments, very helpful when looking a style or color!
    Enjoy her!
  11. gorgeous bag:yahoo:
  12. I'm going to steer back on topic here...

    Carried my iridescent ash long flap wallet today, and realized I have been carrying the same wallet now since September, which is unprecedented for me. I think it's almost time for a change! Maybe when spring officially starts.
  13. Me with my Ash Scuro Montaigne today. :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful Spring day, perfect for my Ebano No name tote.
  15. Nero Montaigne - it is threatening rain so I am the least worried about getting caught with it in the rain...