What Bottega Veneta are you carrying *today* ?

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  1. My Noce Montaigne. It was my very first BV and I still love it!
  2. Carried my Ottone cabat with her SLGs today and they will accompany me again on Sunday.
  3. My white Capri!
  4. Switch out my little Nero Iron bag for my Empire large Belly
  5. I had my large safari Veneta with me today while walking through the accessory department at Nordstrom. The young SA asked if it was a Bottega. I was shocked. Bottega is not popular here and you rarely see any. Plus she was young, only 24, and she loves the brand. It was nice to chat with such a sweet gal about BV.
  6. My Fever Cervo Hobo. She is a great compliment to a very preppie blue and white seersucker skirt and red Arche shoes. Summer is officially on in the Bay Area.
  7. I'm in Monterey, CA attending Cooking for Solutions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 'Carrying my Ottone Cabat and SLGs tonight and tomorrow. Friday night my vintage gold creel will dazzle. Perfect pairing with my gold Chanel ballet flats.
  8. Still wearing the Empire Belly. It suddenly got cooler in Sacramento and Empire seems to straddle the wind and sun and cool well.
  9. BV cabat
  10. Nero medium cabat
  11. BV cabat
  12. ebano cocker
  13. Nero Bowler Satchel w/detachable strap, very chewy and feels like cervo, from S/S 2007.
  14. The gorgeous weather inspired me to pull out my Aquatre in Fever with Fever/Pourpre goatskin wallet. Such a happy combo!
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