What bothers you more: vachetta or piping?

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  1. I have been debating between a Batignolles and Mezzo for an easy-to-wear, carry-everywhere bag. I finally got the Mezzo and I love it! I'm not that worried about the vachetta bottom but I guess I'll see how it wears as I use it.

    When I have had bags with piping on the bottom I used to worry about corner wear and the piping all the time.

    So here is my question: Which do you worry about more: Bags with vachetta bottoms or piping on the corners?
  2. I m more afraid about piping
  3. Piping for sure!! The first ouchie on the corner is always a heartbreaker!! :crybaby:
  4. i'm more afraid of piping...
  5. Definitely piping!
  6. Piping... I'm stressing out about that...
  7. Piping
  8. Piping... especially on Ebene... even the Idylle piping too... so fragile since the top leather peels off like skin that is scraped.
  9. For me it is the vachetta. I am always paranoid that I will get the vachetta dirty or wet. I am pretty careful with my bags but have not had any piping scuffs yet . My most used bag is my mono speedy 30 and no scuffs on any corners yet!
  10. Piping for sure
  11. More worried about the piping, not so with vachetta.
  12. I hate when the piping gets scuffed!
  13. Definitely piping!
  14. Piping!! I hate it when it rubs to my jeans! So hard to keep it clean..
  15. I may be the only one here afraid of vachetta on the bottom. not so much anywhere else, just the bottom.