What bolide is this?

  1. Just saw this on the stars and their Hermes thread,
    it looks like a bolide but the 2 straps are shoulder length??? Am I right?

    If so what is this bag called???
    It's beautiful
  2. a non-hermes bolide?
    does anyone recognize this as hermes?
  3. HG can confirm, but I do not think that is a Bolide -- note the stitching aroung the middle, that is inconsistent.
  4. I was a bit confused alright.

    Didn't think there was a bag like this. I must have misread the original post.

  5. I don't think that this an Hermes bag.
    Nice bag though!
  6. Isn't that Valesca Guerrand-Hermes? :confused1:
  7. Yes, it is!
    Maybe it's a one of a kind bag made for her?? :confused1:

    LOL and it just occurred to me that if that is the case, you would think they would figure out that a LOT of today's women would actually *like* to have practical, usable shoulder straps on their bags.
  8. You know, I wondered if that was she, but she never looked quite so healthy or smiley as that...also in that Bolides w/ contrast-stitching that I have seen, they have never shown that contrast-stitching down the middle....although she is probably able to have many custom-pieces made (divorce or not)...
  9. The body and bottom of the bag looks just like a JPTod's that I have. The only thing wrong are the staps, they wider and rounder than on my bag. I doubt that it is H, but who knows?

    Perhaps she is happier because of the divorce...
  10. :biggrin:, Quite possibly!! When I read about the divorce all could think was I would have made certain to have negotiated plenty of Hermes-related assurances (i.e. custom-orders etc.)...but then again, I am a sick and single girl and probably would have negotiated that upfront in the pre-nup.


  11. That's so funny! I was thinking the same thing about putting a clause in there about being able to get bags:smile: Maybe she is have a custom order made with HIS HIDE:roflmfao:
  12. Sorry to quote myself, but I want to correct my prior statement. The Bolides w/ contrast-stitching do have the stitching down the middle as well, I checked pics in my catalogs....this pic still looks off, but I wanted to clear that up.:smile:

  13. Well, I am relieved to know that I am not the only one, ;)! Otherwise, I was thinking that that would literally be the only marriage I would ever stay in unhappily. Because I could never be cut off Hermes. You know what they say about great minds, :graucho:....