What Blush Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. Bobbi Brown - Pink Sand
  2. Mac Alpha Girl
  3. MAC spaced out
  4. clinique shimmerstripes
  5. MAC Moon River
  6. NARS "Gina"
  7. Chanel Reflex
  8. Nars Mata Hari with a bit of bronzer from Dior
  9. nars orgasm
    VS bronzer in Copacabana underneath
  10. :useless:
  11. Nars Mata Hari with Prescriptives Winter Reflections highlighter ontop
  12. NARS "Amour"
  13. Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Pink
  14. Mac Eversun Blush & Solar Riche bronzer

    haha I agree, but I don't have any pics to add atm.

    Your post made me curious about VS bronzers & woah $24. It's seriously cute though;)How do you like it?
  15. MAC Pinch Me