What Blush Are You Wearing Today?

  1. Tender Rose blush by Atelier.
  2. Nars orgasm, my fave.
  3. Another one wearing NARS orgasm :smile:
  4. I can tell this is gonna be my favorite thread:] I love my blushers!!! Although my cheeks are naked at the moment:blush:
  5. Milani luminous
  6. MAC Alpha Girl with BE Clear Radiance over it!
  7. NARS Oasis (I love this thread btw :smile:)!
  8. CHANEL - horizon

    love this color, its peach
  9. MAC Peachykeen!
  10. MAC cubic
  11. NARS orgasm
  12. Lancome Aplum
  13. MAC peaches
  14. Nars gilda
  15. MAC blushbaby and Chanel mocha