What blue is this???

  1. continuing the blue love trend :smile: here is the pic from the bazaar april 2007. i couldn't find a scanner so i took a pic with my camera, with and without flash. the actual color is more like the one without flash:

    Opinions please :smile: i LOVE this blue...and the contrast stitching. :heart: :heart:
    blue flat kelly1.jpg blue flat kelly2.jpg
  2. blue jean?
  3. i thought so, but it seems darker ???
  4. Hmmm.. I think BJ too...since it's swift the color is more saturated.
  5. Yeah, it's blue jean. That's exactly how my handbag photographs with and without flash. Crazy how one color can look so different in different lighting AND with different leathers!

    I was stunned to actually see blue jean in clemence in person. NOTHING like I was expecting. In fact, I had to bite my tongue because it WASN'T what I had dreamed of and had to adjust my expectations. I'm in love with her now, but it took a minute or two.

    My vision of blue jean was the color in Jag's avatar. I think hers is in chevre.
  6. thanks for your opinions. sigh. i thought it was a new blue or something or even brighton blue but the blue color is a bit lighter than BB. i was kind of hoping it wasn't blue jean (no offense to those with bj and love it) BUT if bj is that dark in swift in real life i'll love it!
  7. I just saw BJ swift IRL today, and it doesn't really look like the dark picture w/o flash. looks more like the second picture. i thought BJ swift was in between epsom and togo as far as shade of blue.

    i would love my next bag to be a bj birkin. i love epsom for the pale shade of blue and i love togo for the feel and durability. btw, i think jag's avatar is bj togo. it's a picture from an eBay reseller who takes photos in the sunlight (thus the lighter shade of blue).
  8. Definitely blue jean. Le sigh......:love: (it's my favorite)
  9. ^^ jag.. i cant wait to see your BJ... very very soon :smile:
  10. The pic with flash looks just like BJ but I saw the magazine in person and it is a lot darker...I thought it was a different color too. :sweatdrop:
  11. I LOVE the color....blue jean is so gorgeous!
  12. yeah, i know, i tried to get an accurate pic, neither one is really the color that's in the magazine. it's really between the two!
  13. What a beautiful bag. I love blue bags!
  14. It's blue jean with white stitching!!