What blue color is closest to 04 Dark Turquoise?

  1. I needed money fast and sold off my 04 Dark Turquoise and I really miss her.

    I was wondering if any of the other blues are close in shade? I keep thinking Ocean might be similar from the pics I've seen but I seem to remember it being darker IRL.

  2. aquamarine???

    I don't think any color comes near the mighty TURQ....it the nicest shade!!!!
  3. I would say the new Electric Blue based on pics would be closest...
  4. I think electric blue would be the closest, but for me, not close enough. I really wanted something more dark turquoise/cobalt blue and less french blue.
  5. I'm thinking eb or fb based on the pics. I've never seen the others irl. Here's my dark turq if anyone wants to post pics of the others to compare.
    turq04back.jpg turq04bale.jpg