What blue CLs are your favorites? Simples, Suede Declics, Rolando, Catwoman?

  1. I want a blue CL since that color is all the rage and I am waiting for the blue suede Declic to arrive.

    What are your thoughts about the different CL styles in royal blue? Would you wear the suede Declics and Rolandos in the spring and summer? Is the simple in kid leather more versatile?
  2. I personally obessed with the blue declic's! the shape to me is perfection! I want them so, so bad!:sad:
  3. My absolute favorite are the electric blue (royal purple) rolandos!!! They were one of my HG shoes and I just acquired them! If you can't get those, I'd go with the declics as they look just as beautiful, but I hear are easier to walk in. I also think the simples are great, but they are just that- simple. They don't necessarily have that WOW factor that the rolandos or declics have IMO. And as for the Catwoman, while they look nice on others, its just not a shoe for me and so I'm not a big fan.

    I think you made a great choice with the Declics! And yes, I completely think these shoes (the blue color in general) will be great for spring, summer, and years to come!
  4. The blue Catwomans are my favorite :love: That shoe just pops in electric blue. The Simple Pump is in a close second. I love how a plain, comfortable shoe like that is jazzed up by such a great color.
  5. I completely agree about blue being all the rage. I was completely obsessed with the blue rolandos when they first premiered, and now I am just as obsessed with the blue declics. I love the blue catwoman too but for some reason I think that the blue really pops in suede BUT I have not seen the blue leather catwoman IRL so can't say that with 100% certainty.
    In order of preference:
    Blue Suede Rolando (if you can still find them, there are still a few pairs on eBay and I know that they went on sale at Hirschleifer's and BG)
    Blue Suede Declic - love it in the 120mm heel but 100mm is so much easier to walk in (currently available at Barneys and CL boutiques)
    Blue Catwoman

    Honestly, the blue simples just don't do it for me in comparison to rolando, declic or catwoman.
  6. I like the suede Rolando and the declic. The simples are cute, but they just don't strike me as much as the rolando.
  7. I love all of the blue styles! My absolute :heart: is the 100mm blue suede Declic because it is stunning and comfortable. I do think the electric blue Rolando is the the most gorgeous shoe of all the blues, but I never got my hands on one which is a blessing because the Rolandos fit is not the best for me and with it being higher is not very practical or comfortable for me. I like the Simple in both blues. I think the vibrant colors are a good way to make the simplicity of the shoe pop. Lastly, the Catwoman is also a hot shoe, but the fit was also not the absolute best for me. I am 100% happy with the Declics. Between all of these styles my preference would be for the Declics and Simples because they have the wow factor along with being comfortable. I think any of these shoes would be versatile to wear all year long with various outfits, but I would say the Simples in kid leather would be the easiest to maintain.
  8. I like the look of the Declics and Rolandos, they are both stunning. In terms of form and function, I like the new simple pumps as they have the gorgeous deep blue color, they are comfortable and I can walk in them.
  9. To me, the blue Rolandos are the most striking from that list. The shape of the Rolando just does it for me. Declics, not so much. I don't know why, something about the toe box doesn't suit me. The simples I like too, the Catwoman is hothothot but not as user-friendly as the Rolando IMO.
  10. I love the Rolandos. They are stunning in every color.
  11. I love the Rolandos and the delics, but in terms of comfort for me it would probably be the blue simples.
  12. I like the Rolandos and the Simples. I probably wouldn't wear suede in the spring or summer, but mostly because I live in Florida where it rains a lot! I also tend to associate suede with cooler weather. I'm not a fan of the Catwoman style in general, but I love the Simples. I think the simplicity of the shoe makes the color the focus of the shoe- instead of the sexy cut!
  13. I love the electric blue-ness of the rolandos; its a great color that pops...but I have heard they aren't as comfy as the others....the catwoman is hot, but the rolandos or declics are probably more wearable. You could wear the suede thru summer til it got really hot (maybe til July-Aug), then just bring them out in the fall...
  14. Since we are talking about electric blue and the simple style was mentioned... Does anyone know where/and if these shoes are still available? I'd love to get my hands on them and start a little blue family with my Rolandos!!!:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  15. I really love love love the blue declics trhey are soooo gorgeous!! I want them soo bad too. I also love the comfort of the simples i can wear them for hoooours. I have worn them full days, as well as out to dinner and then out to a lounge for hours of walking/dancing/standing and was ok