What Birkin would you purchase?

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  1. I thought it would be a great thread to start and ask everyone-

    If you could walk in and order/purchase your Hermes Birkin, what would your perfect Birkin be? (size, leather type, color, hardware etc.)

    This should be fun and interesting as well.
  2. 1. Gold, white stitch, chevre 30 cm, Palladium HW
  3. I don't know the correct terminology, but I love:

    30 cm denim (the light blue) with Palladium HW
    30 cm croc - any color would do!

    To be honest, I fall in love with just about every Birkin I see!
  4. Probably gold, Clemence, 35cm, gold HW because I'd get the most used out of it, but I love the Raisin Vibrato!
  5. I want a`gold 35cm togo.:love:
  6. Oops! I meant blue jean, not denim:shame:
  7. Love the BJ Birkin! My out-of-town friend has one and I got to play with it the last time I visited her. Out of this world gorgeous.
  8. I just placed an order for Gold, 30cm, palladium hardware in clemence leather.

    My dream would be the potiron, but I think the gold is more versatile.

    Does anyone know if the gold automatically comes with white stitching?
  9. Bi-color (black/cyclamen) croc 30cm with palladium hardware and diamond closure :biggrin:
  10. I think so, all the golds I've seen had white stitching. I'm on a list for a dark brown ( possibly Ebene) 35 birkin in Clemence or Togo, even though I already have Cemence I love it so I don't mind getting another. Here in Rome it usually takes 3 to 6 months (the black Birkin I posted pics of in another thread arrived in 3 months). Having said this, my absolute DREAM is a dark brown matt croc 35 Birkin,You'll think "how boring only neutral colors" but I know myself, and for a bag as expensive I'd rather stick to colors that I know I will never get sick of... I also love Blue Jean , various reds, orange etc.. I just don't have the courage to actually buy them..!!
  11. 30 or 35cm Vert Anis in Togo with palladium h/w.


    PS Will never happen tho' :lol:
  12. Noriko...amazing taste!!! I can easily second that one.
  13. You must bribe your friends to send you some pics of her blue jean Birkin! I swear, I am so in love with that color- it is TDF!!!! I just may have to cave in one day and take the plunge!

  14. I knowww! That one is so easy to love :lol:
  15. Black 25-30 with Gold HW
    Blue Jean 25-30 with Sliver HW