What Birkin to get next? Already have Black with Gold hw

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  1. Need some advice from the ladies that know best! My husband wants to gift me a Birkin for an upcoming Birthday and I can NOT decide what I want! I am just starting up and only have a Black Birkin with gold hardware. Any suggestions on a second piece? Not sure if I should go for another classic (was thinking Orange), or maybe an exotic since the Birkin I have is calf. I know it's a very personal choice, but wondering what everyone else started their collections with 😀
  2. If it were me, I'd go for a neutral like etoupe, gold, etain, gris t etc after black.

    Or if you want some color something like orange or Rouge H or RC/RG....

    But it depends on your wardrobe and what you personally wear and like.
  3. What a lovely dilemma to have! I think so much depends on your wardrobe and what colors you admire/wear. You can get a color without it being too bright and still consider it a neutral, such as RC or any of the jewel tones. Good luck deciding!
  4. I know, first world problems for sure 😳 this is the only place I would admit such a dilemma! Thank you- I do love the jewel tones!
  5. I love the Gris! I mostly wear neutrals and love greys. Good advice to stick with a neutral. Thank you!
  6. a different size, maybe? or different hardware? all these decisions... hehehe
  7. What a lovely problem to have! Good luck 😂

  8. The gris is a gorgeous color as well as the etoupe. I'd check to
    see what is at the H boutique before you decide on a color that may not
    be available, IYKWIM..

    A jewel tone or a different size may just make your heart sing.

    Happy birthday!!
  9. Since you already have a black, I would go with a pop of color - red, orange, anything jewel toned. Obviously it's dependent on what you wear and what you're comfortable carrying but I like to mix things up!
  10. Go for color this time!!
  11. If you want neutral, I have Etoupe with silver hardware. It is a great all year round bag and matches all clothing colors. It is a great classic color or maybe go for a pop of color for your second Birkin. I'm on the same boat :smile:

  12. I'm with Kyokei!!

  13. Let us know what you decide!! Such fun!
  14. H does colors so well. So, I'm suggesting something not too earth tones and not too bright such as malachite, glycine, raisin, blue sapphire, etc. That is if you are looking in the reseller route. If you are hoping to be offered one from the boutique, being open-minded to more color and leather choices will potentially get you closer to your next B.
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461638845.789027.jpg


    Terre battue is a nice alternative to orange in my opinion. Super juicy, easy to wear color