What better way to celebrate, than to shop!

  1. So my boyfriend took me on an awesome vacation for our two year anniversary...it was perfect because it was planned around shops that i love! I posted some other pics of goodies in the gucci subforum (my scarf and planner) feel free to look! I'll stick to the coach jewels i picked up! I know i know its not a lot, but i sure was excited! I love EVERYTHING!!!

    Here is most of my loot...i didnt take pics of little things i bought like flipflops, goodies from the vineyard and blah blah blah! Also i left out the bfs loot (sadly he bought more than me!!! hehe)

    I hope you like my loot!!!!
    All my goodies.JPG
  2. Here are all of my scarves i picked up...two silky ones and one warm one! I'm so excited, I'm about to move to Oklahoma for law school and a mba so i finnally justified buying a nice soft scarf!! Here in AZ you dont need it but i heard it gets cold in OK!!! Does anyone live there??? I'd LOVE to talk to you! (ok sorry if that sounds stalkerish, i just dont know anyone there and am a bit freaked hehe)
    Coach ponytail scarf.JPG Coach story patch scarf.JPG Coach Scarf.JPG Coach Scarf Detail.JPG
  3. Also, i heard it actually rains in OK so i was determined to find an umbrella...and i found the CUTEST one!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and i loveee the bottom, its clear!! HOW COOL IS THAT!! hehe i know im a dork, but u guys still love me right!!!

    I added a little sumthin sumthin to the ends to it to make it interesting!!
    Coach umbrella.JPG Why I bought it.JPG Keychain for Umbrella.JPG
  4. I also picked up this little gem because i just LOVED the color!!! I added the cell phone lanyard (star and moon) because i loved how the colors looked on it!! (can you guys tell im ALL about the details!)
    miniskinny with cell phone lanyard.JPG
  5. Well thank you so much for letting me "obsess shallowly!"...hehe i love shopping oh so much and i know i didnt pick up a LOT of coach things, but i love each and every piece i bought (well my bf bought hehehe)!!

    My bfs cousins bday was that weekend so we picked her up a cute pink signature bag!!! It was crazy, by the end of the week we had gone to 4 coach outlets and three coach shops!!!

    I hope you guys like everything! :smile: And again if you wish you can check out my other goodies in the gucci sub forum ;) THANKS :smile:
  6. Cute stuff!
  7. Great stuff! I really like the stripey scarf you got.
  8. I love everything you picked up. What a great trip. Thanks for sharing. :drinkup: Happy Anniversary!
  9. wow those are some greaattt stuffff
  10. "Luved" You did very well on your shopping trip! Everything is beautiful and I love how everything matches. lol You can totally tell you are happy with your loot! Congrats!

    Can I ask, where did you go to hit 4 outlets?
    Happy 2nd Anniversary!
  11. Such cute stuff!!!!! Love all of it!! :yahoo:
  12. Looks like you had a great time! Love the stuff you chose!
  13. Great stuff! Looks like you had a great time. I'm luving that agenda! I think I may have to get one of those umbrellas now - they're so cute!
  14. I love everything - great shopping! And what do you mean your BF got more than you?!
  15. Great haul! That's so sweet that bf took you on a shopping vaca! Happy anniversary and enjoy everything!