What better way to celebrate, than to shop!

  1. So I sat here and wrote out a long fairy tale about my 2 year anniversary and all the goodies my boyfriend spoiled me with...but then realized no one really cares hehe :roflmfao: !

    So here they are...I left out the coach goodies and posted them on the coach subforum in case anyone wants to take a look! Im actually going to split the products up to make it easier to describe what it is and where i got it...hope you all enjoy!!!

    Here is the loot...all goodies came from San Diego, LA and Las Vegas:
    All my goodies.JPG
  2. I first went to some outlet by San Diego and got a Lacoste halter...i was sad but my bf found a lot of shirts, shorts, jeans...dude he even found a beanie!!!

    Later we were driving back to our hotel when we saw a mall and stopped in and i picked up a couple of mac products...nail polish and sundressing spray (yes i know, im brown...but my arms were a shade darker than my legs!)
    Lacoste Halter.JPG Mac Goodies that saved my day.JPG
  3. I also bought some goodies from the vineyard we visited but ehhhh it was just knicknacks and wine bottles...and i got a pair of super cute puma flip flops because my feet were hurting from my cute shoes :sad: but they are down stairs...yuck huh!

    The next day we went to Cabazon and i found a lot of coach accessories (which i posted on the coach sub forum) and a few other things...a D&G sweater and gucci scarf! :heart:
    Dolce & Gabanna Sweater.JPG Gucci Scarf.JPG
  4. The next day we were off to vegas, gambled (lost of course) and shopped over the weekend.

    I was dead set on getting a purse from LV or Gucci...but for some reason nothing caught my eye! So instead I got a gucci planner...the gold bar is not part of the planner, it's actually a gucci cell phone lanyard that i use to mark my space!!

    The boyfriend also made me go into tiffanys (for some reason i didnt want to go) but apparantly he wanted to buy me this toggle braclet so badly and he had called ahead and knew they had it! It was between the onyx and the pearl...i chose the onyx because theres this burberry pearl one that ive been eyeing...its yummy!
    Gucci Planner.JPG Tiffany's braclet.JPG
  5. And thats all folks!! I hope you guys like everything!! Again im posting the coach goodies in the coach subforum...and sorry for not gathering my other goodies it's just all small knick knacks hehe and sorry this is all so late!!!

    Thanks for letting me "obsess shallowly"!!! aka brag hehe
  6. wow! lucky you!! congrats on all your items!!! I really like the gucci planner! :smile:
  7. how sweet! thanks for sharing!
  8. Congrats on all your new goodies! Love the bracelet!
  9. Love everything! Congrats!
  10. congrats. i especially love the bracelet since i have the same one.
  11. THANKS GUYS!!! So sweet of you all! Yeah i fell in loveee with the planner, i have a small gucci plain black leather one...but this one just POPS! Its the "standard" size and its yummy!! BUT NOW I NEED A PEN!!! The gucci pens dont fit and im having the HARDEST time finding a cute pen! I feel like crying (how sad am i!)

    And glad u like the bracelt...and my bfs taste hehe ill let him know!

  12. Haha! This is SO off topic, but I have that same bedspread.

    We have such good taste. :p

    Congrats on your anniversary, and your new goodies!
  13. How much is that planner? I'd love to get one.
  14. How sweet.
  15. very nice gifts! congrats!