What beauty treats did Santa bring you????

  1. I know there's threads like this elsewhere, but I thought it would be fun to do one just for beauty products! So lets see your holiday beauty loot! Here's mine:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Smashbox endless palette, Rusk w8less spray (3 of them lol), OPI cajun shrimp, Dior Midnight Poison, Ulta eye palette, BBW pomegranate stuff. I also got a $50 Sephora gift card, makeup sponges, a pack of headbands and a few things of hair elastics :yahoo:
  2. I'm sure I forgot some..but I got a MAC palette, Ulta palette in the shape of a stocking, NARS blush duo, Hermes Kelly perfume, and Asquith & Somerset Fijian coconut cream
  3. Hey all!

    I got gift cards to Macy's so I can go attack the MAC counter myself. I'm going tonight. Can't wait to get new goodies! Don't know what I want to buy yet though. LOL!
  4. Skinceuticals C E Feraulic, Body Shop Body Butter, Hermes Kelly Caleche perfume and Origins Perfect World body cream. Love that perfume!!!
  5. Aww! I wish I got Skinceuticals! :p

    I didn't very much makeup items, but more of other things that I wanted (Tokidoki, Hello Kitty, etc.)

    BUT I got L de Lolita Lempicka and giftcards to Sephora. :smile:
  6. Sephora giftcard. :smile: wahoo!
  7. kroquet, we both got Hermes Kelly perfume! Woohooo. :biggrin: I love it..it's such a great scent. One of my favorites now!
  8. ^^ Love it !! Somehow I got a sample and I have been hinting ever since!!
  9. I got the bare escentuals bare minerals started kit, love it!
  10. I got some Bath and Body Works stuff: antibacterial hand soap, cherry blossom hand soap and some vanilla cream.
  11. I got a tube of DiorShow waterproof mascara and a gift set from Estèe Lauder(it contains eye shadows, two blushes, lipstick, mascara and eye liner)
  12. I've never tried this one. What does it smell like?
  13. I am terrible at describing a scent. It's just very nice and is supposed to have somewhat of a leather undertone. If you are in Houston, just go to Saks and ask for a sample! Yay Houston!! That's where I grew up and I still love it there!
  14. I did not get anything from the beauty department, lol. I got, however one of those ceramic thingy with oils and candles from body works and they just make my house smells so good.
  15. I got McQueen set of brushes from mac :smile: