What BE style do you have in more than one color?

  1. :smile:Hi Ladies!
    Can you please tell me what BE style you have in more than one color? Why did you repeat it? Do you regret it, or are you still happy you bought it again?

    I've never done this, but am actually considering it...and my thinking is that I shouldn't do it, because it is nice to change both bag and leather, not just the same style in a diff leather. :confused1::shrugs::thinking::wondering

  2. I've had multiple Love Mes and multiple MMS midis at one time. And multiple Hold Mes - i liked having styles I loved but in different colors :smile:
  3. I have several purple bags and blue bags from BE. Are you talking about several styles in the exact same shade of purple e.g. dark purple matte or are you talking about several styles in a variety of purple?
  4. I'm talking about, for instance, an L.A. Satchel in black, and in brown, and in white pebbled. The same style bag, in different leathers/colors.
  5. *raises hand*

    I have 16 Love Me minis...insane I know, but it is the perfect handbag for me...I can envision myself carrying this 20 years from now...so I have many colors...one for any occasion!

    I think the main thing to ask yourself before getting multiples is if you can see yourself carrying them...if you have the perfect bag, and then want it in different leathers and colors so that you have the basic black, and then a summer one in white...why not?
  6. I have 2 Hold Mes, 2 WTM Midis, 2 WTM Messengers and 5 Treasure Mes. I will have 2 Madrids, 2 Love Me Minis and 4 London Tote Midis when my BECs are done. If you find a style that works I think it's perfectly fine to have multiples in different leathers and colors.
  7. Ooooh, so interesting! I guess I like to really round out my handbag wardrobe with different styles in different colors. For instance, I have a Longchamps small triangle cross body, and now I'll add the BE Madrid in Vermillion. So they are tecnically the same: tiny bag for cross body use, but in different colors and in different styles.

    But...I think I may have found my favorite all time bag in the L.A. Satchel. I will know when it arrives. And if this is the case...it will be the first time I may order another one in a diff color...To be seen!

    Keep talking ladies!
  8. These are my multiples:
    5 Love Me Midis in fuschia, medium purple matte, dark purple matte, root and pewter
    3 TMA Midis in cream, nutmeg and choc matte
    2 Treasure Mes in blue crash and coffee velvet matte
    2 Enchant Mes in midnight glossy and petrol pebbled
    2 Hold Mes in fuschia and original tan matte
    2 Surprise Mes in pewter and dark chocolate glossy
    2 I'm Beautiful midis in petrol glossy and aubergine sheen

    The TMA was the style that made me fall in love with BE and the midi size is perfect for my daily needs. I love those front pockets! They are not stock bags so I had to BEC 2 and pounced when the choc matte came up pre-loved. I love the versatility of the style - hand held, shoulder carry and crossbody if I absolutely have to go handsfree.

    I'm not sure how I ended up with so many LMMs - I think this is a wonderful shoulder bag and it is a style that has been done in a lot of leather types and colours and they were stock for a while and are quite easy to find on auction sites.

    I used to have more Hold Mes but sold the others before I learned how to take out the bottom stiffener. Now I can carry my regular Hold Mes over the shoulder and not have them sticking out weirdly.

    The IB Midis are the perfect work bag and so I bought two in fairly conservative but versatile colours - I never fail to get compliments when I carry them.

    I'll probably buy more Treasure Mes - I still lust after one in olive supersoft matte and pewter but if BE had made one in whiskey as stock...I would have flashed my plastic in an instant!
  9. I have 4 Hug Mes (black supersoft matte, black crash, pewter crash and pumpkin supersoft matte.....more to come! love them, most are pre-loved though) I really should BEC these though because I prefer the extended handle drop.

    2 Hold Mes (warm grey shimmer and aubergine sheen)

    I could see myself owning even more Hug Mes or Hold Mes. I also would love to duplicate my IB midi. It falls into that "perfect style" for me. I have one in petrol glossy that I purchased in a sample sale. The style is fabulous but a bit pricey to BEC so would probably have to go pre-loved for additions.

    When I first purchased a BE bag I thought I would always want to try something new but then I fell in love and wanted to be able to wear my favorite style with whatever I choose to wear that day.
  10. Ally, I'm with you on the Hug Me. Both mine are sizes that were not stock options for a long time. I have a medium black crash and a large wine pebbled. I prefer the large as the bag really smooshes and hangs in that lovely drapey shape and the handles fit beautifully over the shoulder.
  11. This is an easy question!

    6 Hold Me's & 2 Angel purses.

    When you find a style that works, you should run with- and like Odebdo I can see myself carrying these bags for decades to come.
  12. I would love a large Hug Me someday. My BEC ones are both mediums and my pre-loveds are the regular/small size. I love the medium but could completely see the large size working for me too just because of the smooshability factor! :lol:
  13. I currently have 2 Angel Purses (turq sheen and matte apple) and I will have 2 love me minis (midnight glossy and choco matte) when my bec is done. I try very hard not to do the 2 same style bags in different colors because there are so many styles that work for me to choose from. But I do really like the size/wear of the love me mini. I'm hoping the matte leather will be enough different than the glossy that both will have room to stay in my collection.
  14. Ooops. Forgot to mention my Kiss Me clutches and Protect Mes, lol. Kiss Mes in pewter crash, dark blue crash, black crash, choco matte and kiwi sheen. (I like Kiss Me, lol) Protect Mes in pewter crash, choco matte, hot pink glossy and metallic pink rosa chevre. :smile:
  15. How fun to see people's multiples. I currently have 2 LA Satchels, but generally do not have many multiples. I prefer to change style and color.

    That being said, if I had a money tree I would have multiple London Totes, LA's, and Paris Clutches...and I think Cannes!