What BBag to get?

  1. Hello Bbag lovers.
    I want to order a balenciaga thru diabro.net but I can't decide which one to get and what colour. I like Twiggy but also like City. I've never seen an actual Twiggy except for pictures. I've carried a City and its a bit big for my height. I'm 5'1.

    Colours I'm liking: ocean, mogano, (maybe) tabac.

    By the way, is tabac=sienna=tobacco? I've seen some tabac pictures that's reddish, some are brownish.

    Please help.
  2. Size is really a matter of personal preference.
    I have Bbags in a number of styles (First, City, Weekender and soon-to-be Work) and I like different things about each style.
    As for colour, I have just ordered Mogano/Cinnamon but haven't seen it IRL yet. But I fell in love with it from PFers pics here. So that is the colour I would/I did choose!!
    Good luck!!
  3. I personally didn't like the shape of the Twiggy IRL, I am also 5'1" and thought the city would be too big for me, but it really isnt', its a great size, perfect actually :p

    As for colors, I would go for Ocean first, if you want to stay a bit for neutral then I would pick Mogano.

    Good luck.
  4. polos26

    Do you have a picture with your City? I try to avoid bags that drown me.
  5. I'm also 5'1 and I love my city! It was my first bbag. I was afraid it might be too big, but the size is perfect. I've considered the twiggy, but have never seen it IRL. But I like the city more.

    I would pick the Ocean from those three though.
  6. I have an Ocean City, so I'll attach a pic of the color. I've seen it IRL in the First size also & I really liked it. I've had a Twiggy and returned it as it wasn't for me. I have the First and City styles and the City is my favorite. I'm 5'8", btw.
    o1 copy 2.jpg
  7. ^^ i just ordered a tabac twiggy from "diabro" & should be getting it in the next 2 days :wlae:...i think either style would be good for a 1st-timer...the twiggy isn't much smaller than the city, it's just a different shape...it just depends on which style you like better...and you're right, tabac=sienna=tobacco :cutesy:
  8. I saw a maroon-ish/brown (but more maroon than brown!) colored bbag at NM and it was really pretty. Is that the Tabac/Sienna color?
  9. Diabro is selling tabac twiggy at a cheaper price compared to the other colours. I thought the prices are standard for any colour. Do you guys know why diabro price their bags differently regardless of it being the same style?
  10. hmmm.... i guess its a personal preference then... I'm only an inch taller than you and I love the city... twiggy is also another perfect size for petite Bbag lovers like us... personally i think the tabac twiggy (or city) would be gorgeous!
  11. Went to Balenciaga in Singapore...wanted to get a dark olive twiggy...However I chanced upon a beautiful Whistle B- Bag in black!!! Love at the first sight!!! I'm a happy soul now...
  12. it's a strange thing, but they actually price their bags according to style and season AND color. White and brown bbags are always the cheapest.

    btw, I think diabro.net has a no-exchange-policy (not sure, so double check), so you wanna be sure you order the right bag. Are there any stores that carry Balenciaga around where you live, so you could try on the different styles? I am recommending this because you say the city is too big and you are considering the twiggy. Altho the twiggy looks compact in pictures, volume-wise it actually is the same size as a city or even bigger!

    Good luck in finding the perfect bbag! :tup:
  13. Hi Simmmchen

    Unfortunately, the official dealer of balenciaga here have very few bbags in stock and they always gets sold out. :sad: