What Bbag is this?

  1. I'm new to the Bbag forum, but have been perusing this site for months! I'm so close to my purchase right now, but need a little bit of help! I'm deciding between the truffle twiggy and another which the SA today told me was called the bowler. It looks nothing like the bowler pictures I've seen on this forum, so I'm guessing she was wrong?

    The bag is a handbag (cannot go over the shoulder), shaped like an LV Speedy with a silver Balenciaga plaque on it. There's a card holder hanging from a tassle as well. The leather is not veiny, but rather a soft, thicker leather (if I remember right). It's a very simple bag, and it came in a dark brown, gray, and beige color. It retailed $1095. Anyone know what this bag is called? Any opinions on the bag? Sorry I didn't take pics!

    Hopefully I will make my decision soon, so I can be a Bbag owner too! :rolleyes:
  2. Sounds like the linea metallica bag. The leather on that style is exceptionally squishy as it is "washed" leather (lambskin). I would love to get one eventually. I think they make very good everyday bags. Can't go wrong with the twiggy either though!
  3. That's exactly how I would describe the leather! Thanks much...

    I really liked that bag, but I feel like the twiggy's leather is more "balenciaga" if you know what I mean. Will defnitely post once I decide!
  4. wow, thanks olfa... that's exactly the one i was looking at, only the one I saw had silver hardware. I'll definitely look into this though!
  5. no worries, glad I could help!! let me know if you go for the brown one in France !
  6. oh also, maybe it's called the bowler, cause the one in the motorcycle line you've seen is the bowling... yeah I know pretty confusing:confused1: