What bbag do you most regret selling?

  1. I know alot of us buy and sell very quickly. Often selling bags to fund others but which of all that you have sold to do you most regret letting go of the most?

    The one that just makes you think :push::crybaby:

    For me, I think its the 03 caramel city with pewter hardware. It was gorgeous and I should never have had it professionally cleaned since they dyed it which forced me to then sell it :sad:

    What one do you most regret selling?
  2. 05 Rouge Theatre City; <sigh> I loved that bag.
  3. 05 bubblegum day
  4. '04 white City. I still miss the feel of the leather. It was light as a feather and felt like silk. I have no idea why I didn't sell one of my new whites and keep that one. One of those times when you just get tired of too much stuff in your closet and not being used. I regretted it almost immediately. I actually hoped they wouldn't pay for the bag.:p
  5. My Giant Marine PT.:crybaby:
  6. I regret selling my 05'Dolma City:crybaby:...sold it last year to fund a Chanel bag that I ended up selling a few months later. What was I thinking:confused1:
  7. I've got two - 05 Chocolate City and 05 Turquoise First - why oh why??????? :confused1: Just sold my vert gazon twiggy and almost cried boxing her up.......
  8. I have sold quite a few Bbags but the only one I really regretted was a blueberry city that I sold last fall. Fortunately, I was able to find another beautiful one on eBay earlier this year.
  9. rouge vif day:crybaby:
    ever since, i've been searching for the perfect red...
  10. Oh no!! I actually was semi crying when I boxed up an 05 caramel day which I loved. After selling it I contacted the buyer like a month later (with my tail between my legs) saying that should she ever consider selling it to keep me in mind. She replied back that she hardly got round to use it and needed $$$ so she was cool for me to buy it back so it came back to me!!:wlae:

    I don't think I could get that kind of luck again though...
  11. OMG Karen! I can't believe you said that, me too! Except I loved how it looked after it was cleaned and re-dyed. SO much so, that I sent my 03 lilac with pewter to the same place to de done. They cleaned it but didn't re-dye. Guess Karen errupting like a volcanoe stuck in their mind;)

    For all that don't know, I sold that bag to Karen and *wish* I had bought it back when she offered it for sale. I then saw it on eBay and it went for a song, it was like you couldn't give it away. I would kill to get it back lol.

    Cheers, Carolyn

  12. What??? They did NOT DYE IT?? Wow. They must have remembered me. I was :cursing: I mean I was almost swearing. I was SO MAD at them and didn't care who heard me. This was a bag that I had wanted forever and they screwed it up royally (in my eyes). You are so lucky. I'm almost jealous!!! So what did they do instead if they didn't dye it? How was it cleaned???
  13. I do see 04 white's pop up online every now and again so I'm sure you will scoop one up when you least expect it probably....
  14. None yet....but I'm sure my time will come LOL
  15. My Indigo Twiggy. I paid sooo much for her, but the colour didn't work well in my wardrobe. I thought it wasn't bright enough. I ended up selling for waaay less than I paid and regret it. I was too nice at the time...