What Bay Area Stores Carry Tokidoki Bags

  1. The only stores I know are my local Macy's and Nordstrom's. Does anyone know of any other stores? I don't suppose there's a LeSportsac nearby? I didn't see one on the company's store locations webpage.
  2. bloomingdales in Stanford has it
  3. Metropark at Valley Fair and Oakridge Mall have Toki bags too. Nordstrom at Stanford don't have Toki tho. Hope that helps.
  4. Loehmanns in Milpitas sometimes has past prints.
  5. I saw some at the Stonestown Macy's in San Francisco today.
  6. metropark in SF WEstfield center has some limited selection of bags, tshirts, and jewelry.
  7. nice! i guess a trip to valley fair is in order this weekend. :smile:
  8. Sunvalley Mall's macys in Concord and Broadway Plaza's macys in Walnut Creek have tokidoki. i also heard that Up Against The Wall in Sunvalley might have some tokidoki stuff too? i have yet to find out for myself...oh and Southland Mall's macys in Hayward...they used to not carry Tokidoki and then all of a sudden they have a bagillion bags in pirata, adios star, and l'amore!
  9. Nordstrom - any
    Macy*s - any
    MetroPark - in the malls
    Giant Robot - SF
    TheGiantPeach - Oakland
    Azalea - SF
  10. does TheGiantPeach have a brick and mortar store?
  11. apparently Giant Peach focuses on their website but they are located in oakland/alameda as a warehouse and not a walk-in retail store