What bandeau is good for Lilac Noe?

  1. You guys are probably tired already of my noe! But I'm not regular LV shoppers like most of you are, so I have a lot of questions to ask you experts. :yes:

    I really like the way some of you accessorize your Noes with scarves/bandeaus. As I'm not very familar with the different prints and what is currently available, what do you suggest for the lilac epi noe? What can I get that will match it and also look good on other bags?

  2. I think the LVOE would look really pretty on it.
    Here's a pic of it on one of my Miroir Speedys:
  3. How about a MC Bandeau in white?
  4. Does the MC bandeau have a light purple that would match the lilac?
  5. Or perhaps the etoile bandeau in pink?
  6. :yes: That's what I would choose!
  7. Yup it does.
  8. I say etoile of black MC.
  9. etoile rose or gris, lvoe bandeau, and mc white bandeau
  10. white MC, Etoile, or LVOE would all be great choices, why not take ur Noe to the boutique and try them on?
  11. LVOE or etoile in pink (or grey).
  12. I'd choose the MC white Bandeau!
  13. another vote for the LoVe bandeau. it's softer tones would match your lilac Epi better than MC imo.
  14. Black or white mc
  15. white mc for spring and black for fall, and/or etolie gris....and i for one never tire of talking about the noe....:p