What band with emerald cut?

  1. I'm starting to think about wedding bands and I was wondering if I could do a diamond eternity band (something similar to the novo at Tiffany) with an emerald cut center with side baguettes?

    All the jewelers I've spoken with have pointed me to channel set eternity bands with square cut stones (saying the round brilliant eternity bands don't go well with square cut centers), but I really don't care for the channel set and would rather do bead set or shared prong. The problem is, I haven't seen an emerald or asscher cut, shared prong eternity band that is "dainty" enough next to the e-ring (I don't want my wedding band to compete with the e-ring, but compliment it). What do you think? What band would look nice with the emerald e-ring with side baguettes?

    Any photos are appreciated!
  2. Try www.pricescope.com. There are tons of pics of what others already own under Show Me The Ring. It's great fun just to look at the the goodies! Also, choose what you love as a band. If it makes your heart sing-then you know it's the one.
  3. I think if you had round side stones with your emerald cut e ring you could do a shared prong or bead set round stone eternity band but being that you have baguette you need to keep with a square stone, I have seen a baguette shared prong dainty eternity band at a NJ jeweler that I really like and I know they can do custom work, I think visiting a good jeweler will help. I agree with you, if I had gone with the simple baguettes with my emerald cut e-ring I would not want a channel set band either.
  4. Just found this, I think it may be beautiful with an Emerald cut with baguettes and it has a bit of round with it, a little sparkle to compliment your beautiful simple e-ring without too much going on or competing...... I'm sure you could do something like this in an eternity style too..... Good luck!
    Round and Baguette Diamond Ring in Platinum (1.jpg