What band to go with 3Stone Oval Diamonds E-ring?

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    Hi all, i have a three stone e-ring with oval diamonds. my hubbie never liked a matching diamond band with the ring (he thinks it should stand out on its own) so he bought me a standalone post-modern lovely wedding band.

    But there are times when I do want to have a matching wedding band, and since I live seconds from tiffany, i was thinking of getting something from there. tiffany is the only place that has readily available my size 4!

    what would you recommend as a matching band other than a plain band. the oval diamonds tend to "push" away a band when wearing both b/c of the long shape and leaves a small space between the e-ring and the band, if you know what i mean.

    Thanks~ i linked the tiffany picture of a 3stone oval e-ring.

    Tiffany & Co. | A Tiffany Diamond | | United States
  2. Check out the novo band. It is beautiful and delicate (very similar to the legacy band, but w/o the millgrain edges, so it seems to "float" more on the finger). With larger rings that wont let bands sit flush against them, I think eternity bands with small diamonds all the way around look really nice. You could also try a shared prong ring with small diamonds, but I'm not sure this will work as well as the bead set, novo band. (Post photos if you have them).
  3. I have a friend with an engagement ring like the one in the picture. Hers is around 5 carats total, and she wears a very thin band with small diamonds that was custom made to go with the shape of the ovals.