What band do you wear with your 3 stone ring?

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  1. I’m trying to decide what type of band I want to accompany my 3 stone ring. Can I see what you have??

    Here’s what I’m currently using but not happy with.

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  2. I wore my 3 stone ering with a 5 stone diamond wedding band.
    D3C989EB-4016-4342-B0D7-9F97443EBDE1.jpeg 832DB489-2B26-44C2-BAEC-478532CBC4F7.png 34CBA999-0227-4360-A759-7536CEC03EBE.jpeg
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  3. I wore a 3 stone wedding ring for years and never wore a band with it because nothing looked right so I just wore the band on my right hand.
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  4. I wear a channel set band that was my original wedding band. I’ve got this thing that any ring I wear has to fit with this band because of sentimental value. My husband gave me this 3 stone a couple years ago and I wear it 24/7. I like a stove pipe setting so maybe that’s why they fit well together.
    48DF0E58-0B7A-4B41-8DE0-2A1389FF5B08.jpeg 81C092A8-687A-43FA-AF6E-65652A627C3A.jpeg
  5. This combo works well because it appears there is no prong erosion from exposed diamond edges on the band. That is another reason I did not ever wear a band with my 3stone ring. I prefer non-channel or bezel set bands to allow for more light and sparkle. However, I solved that with my current set by adding a spacer that prevents the rings from touching.
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  6. Yes, I had an issue with prong erosion on the 3-stone ring with a straight pronged eternity ring, so I changed to a channel set V-band to prevent this. But honestly I liked the look of the straight band better.

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  7. Looks beautiful together!!
  8. Lovely!!
  9. This is the band I’m currently wearing with my engagement ring. At first I wasn’t sure how I’d like my emerald cuts with rounds, but I’ve grown to love it. My actual wedding band has tiny baguettes and rounds, and it also works well.
    Please share when you find something!
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  10. I wear a plain band with my 3stone. Please excuse the dry hands.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Van Cleef perlee medium band
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  12. 83DBCEEB-739C-4B57-9011-BF62DAE92702.jpeg I have a 3 stone princess ring. I wear a 5 stone princess band with it.
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