What band/artist do you really wanna see LIVE!!!

  1. I for one love going to concerts! All kinds from small venues to big stadium tours. I'll even go to a show even if I've never heard of them if the tickets reasonable.

    At the moment I really wanna see

    ~Amy Whinehouse (get well soon Amy :heart:)
    ~Bjork (her new album Volta is amazing!)
    ~MIA (I saw her in November but I want to see her again! She was that good)
    ~The Sounds (they're a Swedish punk band who toured America 2x but both times I missed out)
    ~The Raveonettes (Danish pop duo)
    ~Imogen Heap
    ~Melodious Owl (one of my fave local bands on a temporary hiatus.)
    ~No Doubt (if they don't tour again I'll cry)
    ~Beruit (Not lebonese but nothing short of amazing. His music has a what I call eastern European carnival sound)
    ~Coldplay (was too sick to go)
    ~Feist (sold out in like a half hour)
    ~Regina Spector
    ~KT Tunstall
    ~Rasputina (check em out!)

    And most importanyly the SPICE GIRLS (i hope they all get broke again and do another reunion tour LOL)
  2. Elton John.
  3. Rooney
  4. Saw his peach tree road show and it was amazing! Full gospel choir = :heart:
  5. wow, um...juanes, tom petty, dwight yoakam, joss stone, john mayer, john legend, led zeppelin, u2, the white stripes and/or david bowie (again).
  6. Madonna, R.E.M (again).
    Most of my favourites are either dissolved or had band members die, so I'm not too lucky when it comes to concerts :p

  7. Yes that would be pretty cool! :tup: I wouldn't mind seeing Genesis.... (are they even still together??? :confused1: :biggrin:)
  8. I totally forgot about the white stripes and bowie (adds to list.) My mom saw U2 live once and I'm super jealous. She said it was amazing (though I was like 13 at the time so I was prolly to young to go)
  9. I saw U2 live in 1996 and it was really great. It was the Pop Tour, which from what I've heard was nothing compared with their live masterpiece, Zooropa.
  10. 311 (again) - they put on a GREAT show!
  11. i have a horrible u2 story. i had front row seats when they were touring with no dout. the day before the concert, i laid out my clothes and tickets ready to come home after work and get ready. when i was about to go to sleep, i checked that i placed the tickets with my clothes. then... i realized the date. it was for that day. i missed the concert. i was so depressed. :crybaby:

  12. That sucks! I had the same thing happen to me with Morning Wood. I misread the date. I cried as well. U2 and No Doubt sounds amazing!

  13. Ga I almost got to see U2 live... it was a few years back and I was visiting my sister in NYC. Apparently U2 had been rolling through town shooting a video and then decided to do a last minute concert under the Manhattan bridge. I HEARD them... but could not find my way over to where they were playing... :tdown:
  14. No Doubt /Gwen Stefani and Beyonce , Alicia Keyes
  15. Bond.