What BalNY says about the missing Oxblood

  1. This is following up on luvpurse’s thread yesterday, “What will come in at Bal NY next week!!!”

    Some of us noticed there was no Oxblood City bag listed in the BalNY email. So I emailed Daphne at BalNY, and this was her response just now, "The bags are not here yet, however we are expecting them any day now."
  2. Thanks for the follow-up.
  3. I'm not entirely sure that the BalNY response cleared things up, but Daphne didn't say that Oxblood ISN'T coming in...
  4. LOL! I was just about to post the same thing! Maybe she doesn't know ahead of time if an Oxblood City is coming in?
  5. Who knows? I think BalNY likes to keep it all a bit mysterious...