What Bags Would You Have Bought If....

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  1. ....the leather quality hadn't changed? I know so many of us have moved on, but are there some you really wanted in the past couple of seasons but the leather was the deal breaker? After the Jacinda/Roni/New Elisha leather experiences I couldn't do it:

    ~Janine - studded in black or camel. I just know that black leather isn't on par with the smooth Sienna or the black Claudia/Lucy
    ~Halle - Red!
    ~Marlo - Teal or black

    However there still are two or three recent ones I'd consider if the price was more commensurate with the leather:

    ~Rachel - Purple!
    ~Ellie - Purple or Cognac
    ~Lainie - Anthracite

    Maybe I'll do so when they go down a bit more in price.
  2. I probably would have went after a Natasha. I had a pre-order in and canceled it when I saw the chintzy leather they switched to. I don't understand why you would bring a beloved bag back in a thin inferior leather....and charge more money than the previous one. Do they really think they could have fooled True Kooba lovers into believing this was the same old Natasha?
  3. hmm kooba is using crappy leather now? i had a chance to feel up a new of the newer models and they did not feel as good as the carly model i am after. i thought it was just the models used a different type of leather.. please enlighten me
  4. The Janine and Blake are the only 2 that I would have considered, but didn't given them a second look because of the leather.
  5. Kooba peaked in 2006 with leather quality. Since Fall 2006 the leather has declined pretty drastically. Each new season showed a cheaper quality bag. I personally would go back pre-Carly for a good leather.
  6. I loved the Ada and Desert coloured leather. They were so texured and chewy! If Kooba ever re-issued bags with these leathers again I would be all over them like a rash. Check them out...:drool:
    [​IMG] A gorgeous Sand Ada!

    [​IMG] A Desert Scarlett.

    *sigh* I miss the old Kooba!
  7. Halzer - the texture on that Ada is phenomenal!!
  8. Good post, KoobaMe! Maybe some of the old gang will show up again! I think that if I could have gotten a better leather quality on the Rachel or the Harper, I would have gone for it. Also, I liked the quality of the leather on the Lola, and I am smacking myself with my other purses for not buying one, but in all instances, I think Kooba needs to bring back their ultra-suede lining. I'm not fond of the lining on any of the Kooba bags now.
  9. I think it would be a BIG BIG mistake for Kooba to bring back some older styles with their new chintzy leather, if they ever thought of doing so. That would be almost like a cheap inspired bag.
  10. Probably a GREEN Natasha.

  11. LOL!!!!!

    P.S. - I just noticed the Rachel and Laine are on sale at Kooba. Hmmmm....but they don't have a purple Rachel.
  12. ^:throwup:
  13. I am happy with the leather quality on my purple Rachel. No, it's not as thick or luscious as my original Kooba bags... but I still love it. I'd love to see some bags with soft, buttery leather like my Sienna, or the Marcelle or Brynne. SIGH.

    If I was going to buy any other new bags, the Tracy in leather, studded (camel probably).

    I did actually buy the Halle and the leather quality was very good on that one. I had it in Honey. However I returned it because the size was off for me. It was not big enough for an every day bag, and too big for a sometimes-use clutch.
  14. I have a black Natasha and the leather is very thick and smells amazing. It's one of my favorite bags. I'm in the minority here but I like their modern designs.
  15. I borrowed both a Rachel and a Laine when they first became available. Really liked the style and colors and functionality. But I totally couldn't see myself paying near retail for them like I would have in the past with other lines. I'm reeeeally thinking about it now that they are lower.

    I like the studded Tracy too. Neat design and I much prefer the studding over the other version.

    Thanks for the good info on the Halle - I was considering it since it seemed medium sized but it really sounds too small for me.