What bags will be leaving with the new floor set?

  1. Hi all! So ive been reading a lot that there will be a new floorset after Christmas. Does anyone know what bags will be leaving the boutiques as the new items come in? Sometimes I seem to wait until a bag has been out forever to fall in love with it, and id hate to buy something tomorrow that I will be able to pick up at the outlets in a couple of weeks for a fraction of the price. So- whats on its way out? Im eyeing the leather belted ergos. :drool:
  2. It's kinda weird cause I've seen some ergos at the outlet that are still in the boutique, and that's kinda becoming their 'staple' shape, at least I think...they seemed to try hard to push the ergo shape at the beginning and want to keep them in the boutiques in new colors and such...I would imagine the belted ergos will still be around BUT! Nordie's puts stuff like that on sale real fast so maybe your better bet is there?
  3. There are alot of ergos on sale at Macys in new york city.
  4. everytime i go to my Nordstroms there is NO coach on sale. maybe it gets picked over really fast?
  5. ^ Yeah, I got my patent ergo because I was LUCKY. I put it on hold and when I came back the others that were there were GONE. (there was a Leigh, another hobo and a satchel).
  6. I was at my Nordstrom in Freehold, NJ the other day, carrying my plum belted ergo, and what should I find at the sale table but 2 plum belted ergos for like $218! Oh well, I guess everything goes on clearance after a while - at least Ive had the pleasure of using it since October!